The coin in the loaf* on Christmas Eve

Questions and their answers, given by the Father Presence of the One on 26th December 2015 and 25th December 2016


Question: What is the meaning and purpose of the coin in the loaf on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Through the coin, it is indicted from Above, which person would be important one for the home during the next year. This person will be given from Above all necessary support to be able to complete his job, to be well and to be most useful/beneficial for everybody in this household. Through this person could be multiplied many times the welfare, well-being and prosperity at home and the success of all members of the household, if that person lives and work in God – in observance of My Commandments and Laws as well as all other members of the household.

Question: What gives the coin to the person to whom it goes?

Answer: The coin is a kind of energy code for access to the support from Above for that person to whom it falls from the loaf.

Question: What is best to do then with the coin?

Answer: The best is:
The person to keep it and carry it with himself throughout the year – either in his room or in his bag, but separately from all other coins (money);
The person to thank the Father and all the Forces of Light for the help that he personally receives from Above throughout the year, and to thank for the help that is given from Above to all other household members through him;
The other household members to rejoice and to thank for the support – to the Father, to all the Forces of Light and to the person to whom has fallen the coin, because through him this help comes to them as well.


The coin in the loaf* on Christmas Eve
Additional questions and their answers, given by the Father Presence of the One on 25th December 2017


Question: If the coin in the loaf on Christmas Eve happens to be into the piece of the loaf dedicated to Lord, what does that mean and what is then done with this coin?

Answer: When the coin in the loaf falls on Me, I am very glad, my dear children! That means that I AM The Father Presence of the One will guide you through all the difficulties, obstacles and dangers in your life throughout the year until the next Christmas, will vigorously watch over you and increase yours:
Protection, Health and Divine Love;
Good-Fruitfulness, Joy and Happiness;
Light, Divine Strength and Power in you and Freedom;
Peace, Wisdom and Youth;
Kindfulness, Gracefulness and Welfare.


Question: Dear Father One, is it important the sequence of the qualities and states mentioned above by You that you will increase in us by Your Holy Will? What exactly do they mean and what is the difference between Well-being, Prosperity, and Welfare?

Answer: Of course, the sequence of the words is important. Every word of My Word towards you is in its proper place:

Protection, Health and Divine Love:
When a person is well protected, he is much healthier, and when he is in good health, he can manifest his Divine Love much better and in many different ways.

Good-Fruitfulness, Joy and Happiness:
When a person creates Good from My point of view fruits through his thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, then his Soul is in a state of a constant Joy, which makes the person feel and be truly happy.

Light, Divine Strength and Power in you and Freedom:
When a person is filled with Divine Light and constantly conducts it through his chakras and saturates with it the surrounding space, wherever he is, and also his fellow men/woman who are Living and Light Souls, that creates good karma for him and leads to an increase of Divine Strength and Power in him, which in turn leads to the intensification of the processes of transformation of the negative karma and to more-and-more Freedom – liberation from the karmic burden, liberation from any harmful habits and persistent illusory states of the consciousness, and Freedom for the person to make his choices in life freely – without foreign interference and manipulation over his free will.

Peace, Wisdom, and Youth:
When a person is in a state of inner Peace, he is calm, and he is himself, which means that his Higher I AM Presence has access to him and that leads to the enhancement of persons Wisdom, and increases of the ability to manifest this Wisdom to a much greater extent. In that wisdom the person makes the right from the Lord's point of view choices in his life, by doing which he creates good karma for himself, fills up with Vitality, his Creative energy increases and all that strengthens the processes of regeneration at the cellular level, which makes him look and be Young, and that his Youth can be preserved for many years if the person continues to live in God, according to My Laws and Commandments, which I have given you to save yourselves at all times and to continue your evolution on this planet Earth successfully.

Kindfulness, Gracefulness and Welfare:
Kindfulness – means to be in a state of Kindness – inner and outer – to be kind in your thoughts and feelings, kindness to pour from you towards everything Living around you through your words and deeds.
Gracefulness – means that your day is full of grace, that means that everything that happens is graceful. The Grace is more comprehensive than Good because it includes it. The Grace is something good, something in My Law, filled with Mercy, Divine Love, Harmony, Balance, bringing Joy, Peace, etc.
Welfare – means to receive grace from everyone and everything around you that is connected with your life.

When a person is in a state of Grace and shares it with his fellow men, his whole day is graceful, that is he lives in Gracefulness and then he begins to receive grace from all possible places. A person can also multiply his Welfare if he remembers during the day to address his Kindness to the Highest Heavenly Octaves of Light, by thanking Me, as I have already told you:

"Thank You, Lord, for yesterday, today and tomorrow!
Thank You, Lord, for all that is happening!
Thank You, Lord, for everything, now, forever and at all times!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"


Question and its answer on the subject

given by the Father Presence of the One on 26th December 2017


Question: What is then done with the coin fallen into the piece dedicated to the Lord?

Answer: I waited for someone to notice that I left that question unanswered and to ask it.

It is good to always keep that coin in the house, in a prominent place, in the most important room – where the Light is the strongest. For example, if there is an iconostasis and ordered icons, place it there. And when your gaze falls on that coin, thank Me for the help I told you I will give you.


Additional questions and their answers

given by Presence of the One on 2nd January 2018,
on the subject "The coin in the loaf on Christmas Eve"


At the end of 2017 the same question was asked on the website almost simultaneously from three places – Bulgaria, Spain and Belarus.

Question: Dear Father One, what is it best for Lord's point of view to do with the piece of loaf selected for the Lord?

Answer: I am very glad when you think about a topic and ask Me additional questions.

The piece of bread from the Christmas Eve’s loaf, which is selected for the Lord, is good to stay on the table during the Christmas Eve night covered with a cloth (towel). On the morning of Christmas, the person who made the loaf splits that piece between family members, separate a little piece for each pet animal, if any, and everyone takes a piece of that piece.

Each member of the family accepts his portion of the piece dedicated to the Lord as the greatest Gift on the Nativity of the Lord, since this bread is additionally Blessed and Sanctified during the night by Me.

Everyone eats his part of the piece at the time of the day he desires, to receive in his 4 lower bodies the energy component of My Blessing. Then throughout the day it is best for the family to have Peace, Love, Joy and Kindness, to preserve and multiply that My Blessing among all Living Beings in the home – to be Alive, Healthy and positively fruitful in the Light network of the planet Earth until the next Christmas.


Question: If someone missed to make such a loaf on 24th December, may he do it on 31st December?

Answer: One may do so, but that will be something completely different and it is called "Fortune Loaf/Pastry for the New Year's Eve", which has quite another useful effect and purpose.

The loaf with the coin for the Christmas Eve is so called because it is made only for the eve of the Nativity of the Lord and is has only one coin in it. For those who missed to make such a ritual loaf for the Christmas Eve on 24th December there is another option. The option is to make that loaf for the evening of 6th of January, when a large portion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity celebrates the Nativity of the Lord.

I AM Presence of the One


* According to the Bulgarian tradition, on Christmas Eve dinner there is a loaf with coin and other objects inserted into it before it has been baked. At the beginning of the dinner, the loaf is broken by hand, and every person present on the table receives a piece of this bread with possible objects in it, such as a coin, button, grain of corn etc.


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