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Master Morya

22 June 2010
Updated by Master Morya on 07 September 2020

I AM Master Morya.

Today I AM have come through Rositsa Avela. By the permission of the Father One, her energy Mantle has been activated, and this allows her to pass the Lord’s Word to the people. And she started receiving and passing this Word on to the people – the Word of Presence of the One, Lord Alpha – the Father of this galaxy, and other Higher Beings of Light from the Heavenly Hierarchy of Light.

In addition to this news, I AM have come to tell you another important thing:

It would be good if you constantly re-read and work off gradually in your life what is given to you on the UNIFICATION website, created after the direct instruction of Presence of the One, namely:
blue-dotanswers given by Presence of the One to your personal questions related to your spiritual growth, published on the UNIFICATION website in Part Teaching;
blue-dot answers given by Presence of the One to your personal questions about the Teaching, published on the UNIFICATION website in Part Teaching;
blue-dotSpiritual Practices and information published in Part Spiritual Work on the UNIFICATION website;

Because, to continue receiving this Teaching, you should demonstrate progress in your work on the practical implementation of the principles presented in it ‒ progress made by each one of you, specifically in your life.

And when we see that your progress is constant, then a new Lord’s Mercy becomes available for you to receive the next part of the Lord’s science, and the Teaching can be complemented, upgraded and updated in correspondence with the changes occurring on the planet and according to the levels that you have reached in your spiritual development and working-off of Divine patterns/examples in the course of gaining new Divine qualities and virtues and the application of the already worked-off ones.

That is why I am finishing my Message with the Guidance for you to do everything in your capacity, and even more than that, because you can, so that you are successful in the work I have outlined – those of you who want to be one with the Living Life on this planet and to be a part of it in the future as well.

I AM Master Morya