Time for self-study

Beloved Helena Ivanovna

12 July 2010

I AM Helena Ivanovna.

Today I have come to tell you that it is vitally important for each of you to do your homework both in class and after classes finish on the part of the Teaching that is given to you now. Each one of you, and moreover, without any delay.

Because the time for self-study is also precisely measured on the cosmic clock and expires with every moment. And because you will need a good understanding of the Teaching given to you to move successfully to the next stage of evolution and also to get the next part of this Teaching that awaits you there, on the higher level. And this way step by step, always onward and upward!

I am willing to give my support to anyone who encounters difficulties and asks for it. But always remember that you have to do the main part of the work yourselves, without expecting someone else to do it for you because you are the only ones to whom it is given and who can do it. And one more thing – each of you is on his own level, studying in his class and having to do the homework for the class that he is studying now without paying attention to the homework that the others around him have to prepare. And he should put in it all his effort and all his skills and remember that all the homework is given according to the student's power so that he is able to do it.

It is also important for you to work hard all the time and to remember that the sooner you finish your homework on working off another harmful habit, on overcoming the next negative state of your consciousness, on transmuting the next negative karmic record in any of your lower bodies, and before the time comes for doing the next homework, you could help your close ones so that they could cope with their homework, too, even though they may lack the desire to study hard at that moment, and they may be unaware of the importance of what is happening on the planet now.

I am grateful that I could tell you all this and offer you my support.

I AM Helena Ivanovna