Achieving Positivity

Lord Gautama Buddha in the presence and with the help of Beloved Pallas Athena

14 July 2010

I AM Gautama Buddha.

You need to apply consistently, qualitatively and to its full extent the received Teaching within the allotted period and in the constantly accelerating pace of your life following the dictates of time. This is the only way for the survival and development of your souls and for the movement to the next evolutionary stage. I would like to give you some practical advice, the application of which would facilitate you in the work that awaits you.

We have told you many times that you should always be positive in your thoughts, feelings and words because then you are able to accept our Teaching, to understand it and apply it in your life. However, you do not always achieve Positivity, although you want to achieve it and you send us calls for assistance in this regard. We respond to your calls, but help may sometimes be given only partially due to your own karmic burden. There are, however, very simple methods, easy to implement, the use of which would greatly facilitate you in achieving Positivity, and thus would facilitate us to give you our help. Because when you are positive, then we can reach you more easily and fully.

Such methods are Joy and Gratitude.

Whatever happens in your life, thank God and the Father with a smile. Realize that even the most difficult situation is a rescue for your soul. Accept it without condemnation and with the joyful feeling that your karmic burden becomes lighter. And that it will be easier for your children and grandchildren to follow the Path that awaits them on all planes of Existence.

Look at the beauty around you, joyfully admire it and thank the Father for Creating it. Try to ignore all the manifestations of the illusion and see things from their funny side. In this way, you will preserve your Divine energy as the greatest treasure that you have so that you can use it only for augmentation of the good in your world and the creation of Divine patterns in all areas of life.

Another method for achieving Positivity is the application of various types of art, whichever is preferred. Every person embodied on the Earth has talents in one or more types of art; one only has to find out what he is good at. And when he starts doing it, he will see how much joy it can bring to him. This is the essence of the wise saying that has passed through the centuries: 'The one who sings thinks good, and the evil stays away from him!'*

Go out in nature more often and walk. Rejoice the Creation of the Father and give your admiration and Divine Love to it. Ideally, your Joy should be quiet, deep inner Joy accompanied by a state of peace. When you do this, you had better stop thinking about your daily affairs and direct your thoughts towards the vastness of the universe. During your walk, it would be good to stop at a secluded spot and happily and loudly, yet quietly, thank the Beings of Light when you are alone, and it is impossible to be seen by any person regardless of the distance. Thus, you will allow the elementals to renew your bodies.

I would be glad to see that you use my advice.

I AM Gautama Buddha gave this Message in the presence and with the help of Beloved Pallas Athena


* The wise saying 'The one who sings does not think evil' comes from the times when there were and were performed only traditional folk songs and temple chants in praise of God and the Father, and the music was in tune with the vibrations of the Higher octaves of Light.
This wise saying, however, had its words varied and distorted throughout the centuries. For this reason, it would be good to say it in the following way: 'The one who sings thinks good, and the evil stays away from him!' Because when a person creates Divine patterns in art, he is tuned to the Higher spheres, away from the evil and pure in his thoughts, feelings and words. Then his Divine nature becomes his fore face, and his illusory part is transformed into Light. And this Light, like a Sun, begins to emanate from him to everyone. And as the sunflowers turn to the Sun, everyone around turns to him with their Divine part and manifest it. And those with a strong illusory part themselves stay away from the Light, i.e. 'the evil stay away from him.'