The way to more favourable development of the events on the planet

Master Koot Hoomi

20 July 2010
Updated by Master Koot Hoomi on 29 September 2020

I AM Koot Hoomi.

Today, I have come to give a few elements of the Teaching on vibrations that could help you understand it better and apply it in your life more easily.

When you are:
blue-dotin Joy, Peace and Harmony towards the whole Creation of the Father and the Living Life,
blue-dotand you care about Nature and the planet itself,
then the vibration of your cells increases many times.

When you add to this the feeling of Gratitude
blue-dottowards God,
blue-dottowards Angels and Archangels
blue-dotand towards the Father,
the process is further amplified.

And when you reside in Devine Love and direct it
blue-dotto the Father One,
blue-dotto all Higher Beings of Light from the Heavenly Hierarchy of Light,
blue-dotand to the Living Life and the planet where you were born and live here and now, including to all Living, Bright and Pure Souls who are also in incarnation on the planet at this moment, then a vibration of your cells of a completely different, much higher order occurs.

If you constantly reside in these states, you become generators of high vibrations, and the space around you is transformed into space saturated with God’s and the Lord’s Light.

When a few of you sustain such high vibrations and live/work in the same populated area, the quantity and quality of changes rise a lot more.

Sometimes, just one righteous man in whom the Divine Fire strongly burns and who lives outside the city and any bigger populated area is sufficient to protect Nature, to protect all Living beings in the vicinity and even on the territory of the whole country.

There are also partial incarnations of Great Spirits on the planet at the moment that can exert a beneficial influence on the Living Life of the entire continent on which they live.

The Providence of the Father for this planet is already ongoing and being implemented. It only depends on you how many of you will be ready to pass successfully through the transient times to the end.

Therefore, we teach you to stay constantly at the highest level of Consciousness accessible to you, and this is possible when:
blue-dotyou are always entirely positive,
blue-dotyou calmly accept anything that happens around you and to you,
blue-dotand you are awake and constantly monitor and control each thought of yours, each feeling of yours and all the words you want to say.

And when some negative and other illusory thoughts and feelings appear within you:
blue-dotimmediately invoke to help that Higher Being of Light from the Hierarchy of Light who is closest to your heart and give him your Divine Love as gratitude for the help you are given to free yourself from these negative and other illusory thoughts and feelings;
blue-dotstart thinking about something that makes your soul feel light and is a Divine pattern: 1. think about your favourite flowers, animals; 2. think about people in whom the Divine Fire burns and who make you Joyful and who have Respect, Gratitude and Divine Love for you; 3. think about Nature’s beauty, about your Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light and the other Higher Beings of Light, feel them.
blue-dotalways carry with you your favourite fragrance, and in the time of need, breathe in the aroma, close your eyes and imagine that next to you are these Masters from the Hierarchy of Light who are closest to your heart and who support you. Give them your Divine Love. And Thank God – your Higher Self, for the help because the Heavenly Masters come to you through him/her. Also, thank the Father for his help in restoring your positive tune, Joy and Divine Love.

Be especially careful with your words:
blue-dotsay only true statements;
blue-dotsee only the good and beautiful around you and enjoy them quietly and meekly;
blue-dottry to ignore the manifestations of the illusion without putting any feelings into them and without condemning and discussing them. Completely block the flow of your Divine energy towards them.

Try to:
blue-doteat properly – without surrogates, chewing food for a long time;
blue-dotdress properly – with clothes made from natural plant fabrics, using the white colour or any of the colours of the rainbow;
blue-dotprovide good living conditions for yourself – outside the big settlements, and a proper lifestyle – with the right habits.

Thus, you will preserve your high vibrations, and then you will become like a magnet attracting people who have the same or similar vibration, and by communicating in the right way, staying positive and multiplying the Joy between each other, you will increase your vibrations even more and further change the vibration of the space around you. By continuing to live this way, you will notice that those who are negative will either begin avoiding you or will start smiling, and you will become a witness of how the flame is ignited in yet another Soul.

This is the way to realise a more favourable development of the events on Earth thanks to your own constant and joint efforts while this can still be done. The extent of this auspiciousness depends on your daily work, of every one of you, and especially the work on yourself.

Koot Hoomi