Harmonisation of the relations with nature

Lordess Pallas Athena

22 July 2010
Updated by Lordess Pallas Athena on 30 October 2021

I AM Pallas Athena.

Today, I have come to give you guidance on how to behave when you go out of town. You know that it is necessary to establish harmonious relations with nature, and you can become the pioneers of this process of returning to eternal values and cooperation with the inhabitants of all the kingdoms on the planet.

God’s Creation is United, and the inhabitants of all the planes of RAIMA (the old, original name of the Earth) live in constant interaction and relationship with each other. Only humanity has broken away from the whole system and moves on its own, but it is evident that the more it moves away from the whole, the more it slows down its movement. And now you are already very close to the point where your movement will exhaust its momentum and finally stop. And since you have separated from the whole by your own will, you (yourselves) have to return to it, again on your own will, and restore your relationship and unity with the whole. And that will require your constant and focused effort in this direction. Otherwise, your entire civilisation is doomed to disappear from the face of the planet, like so many others before it that diverted from the Path of development designed by the Lord. Because when you interrupt your connection with the United Creation of the Father, this is like cutting off your umbilical cord to it. You know what follows – you will be thrown out like a dead foetus if you continue living without showing signs of Life.

The time has come now to give you instructions about what could be done by each one of you individually when you go out in nature. That is the least you can do, but it is a good start in the right direction from the Lord’s point of view.

You need to set an example. You have to demonstrate with your actions that you are capable of a new and proper attitude towards nature. It should become evident that there is a reason for you to stay on this planet, and it is worth continuing your evolutionary development. Show that although you are few, yet you exist, and you are worthy children of the Father and Mother RAIMA.

When you are in nature, the first and the most important thing is to clear your consciousness of all the usual thoughts related to your daily routine and your life in the world of the illusion. Direct your attention to the beauty around you and the perfection of all that surrounds you. Admire all the plants and animals, everything your bare feet step on (as often and as much you can do it as long as the place is clean enough energetically), and send them Divine Love. Also, admire the Sun and the sky above you, the wind and the water, and emanate your Divine Love towards them as well.

Clean your rubbish from the places where you stay in nature, clean your homes as well. In all places, keep everything well sorted and in good order, and cleanliness should be up to the mark. And always before you start cleaning, preferably while you are at home and alone, ask forgiveness from the Father for the pollution of the whole planet that is growing every single day.

The entire Earth is a temple of God, and it is given to you to be your home in which you should Serve the Father. You need to keep her clean. You want us – the Higher Beings of Light – to be among you, but have you thought about where you will welcome us and what we would see if we came? Before you welcome your guests, you clean and tidy up your house. In the same way and even more, before you invite us to be your guests, even for a short visit, be in Purity – you and the space around you.*

Clean inside yourself – your thoughts and feelings; clean all around you. This is part of your Service, and while you work, I would like to remind you to apply what you have been told about the right labour.**

The next important thing you could do is to listen carefully to the sounds of nature. Try to notice if there is anything that annoys you. These should be the kind of sounds you create, too – harmonious and flattering to your ears. Your music should be like this, as well. Your songs should be like this. It is good to sing when you are outdoors under the open sky in nature, but be completely covered with a dense cloth so that when you sing and you are open to God, you are alone with Him and turning your attention to the depths of your heart without being seen by any other person. Sing songs of gratitude, and through singing, you can express your gratitude for so many things! While singing, you may also ask for and request so many things!

While you are covered with a cloth and alone in nature, ask the elementals to help you renew your bodies and energise you with the energy of all elements, and thank them for that. Ask the herbs you are picking for forgiveness, and ask them to give you their healing power, and thank them for that. Thank the trees for the abundance of fruit they give you. Joyfully stand up in the breeze and thank it for cleansing your bodies. Thank Helios for filling you with his energy and warning you to be very careful when being under the sun’s rays for a longer time in relation to the new intensifying harmful radiation coming from the sun (since 2019). Pour over yourself the water that surrounds you, and drink a lot of water because water is the type of food that you need the most now. Thank the dear Mother RAIMA for giving you all that you need, and ask her to Forgive you everything that your civilisation is causing her. Give her your Divine Love. Give your Divine Love to the Father also and to all Higher Beings of Light in gratitude for their help so that you can live on this beautiful planet.

Beloved children of Light, I leave you with the hope that you will feel the Truth in my words, and I give you the impulse to put them into practice in your life.

I AM Pallas Athena

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* Note from Rositsa Avela:

On 28 June 2016, Lordess Pallas Athena corrected the wording of this paragraph.

'I AM Pallas Athena.

I am glad that I have this opportunity to instruct you on what you need to change in your behaviour to keep up with the changes on the planet.

It would be good now to do exactly the opposite of the previously stated by me at the beginning of this paragraph, as the time for its implementation is over. You need to refrain from collecting others’ rubbish. Because it could be a dead object whose energy was taken away from it, or it could be an object negatively charged with karma, and your initiative might turn out to be very harmful both to you and your close ones who are with you at that moment (if there are any). Also, the things in the garbage could be infected with one of the mutations of the coronavirus or any other infection! (The last sentence is a new addition given by Lordess Pallas Athena on 03 October 2020.)

Now, it is better to set an example by collecting and taking with you only your own rubbish while you are in nature, and wherever you are, by keeping everything in the highest possible cleanliness.

The first sentence of this paragraph that has been removed today may be preserved in its old form to remind you of what you have gone through along your Path and that times change, your way of life also needs to change in line with the needs at the moment, and you should be ready to do so.'

The previous version of the beginning of this paragraph was:

'Wherever you go, bring with you bags and gloves made of synthetic material to collect all the rubbish that you find on your way. And always before you start cleaning, preferably while you are at home and alone, ask forgiveness from the Father for the pollution of the whole planet.'

** See the Message from the Beloved Babaji given on 6 July 2010.