Recommendations on reading the Violet Flame Decrees

Lady Master Clare

28 July 2010
Updated by Lady Master Clare on 02 November 2020

I AM Clare.

Today I have come to give you some recommendations to assist you in your daily work in spirituality when reading the Decrees of the Violet Flame so that you can work off at a higher speed your own negative karma and other harmful illusory accumulations, such as harmful programmes, encodings and blockages and their manifestations in the form of harmful fruits and consequences, as well as your harmful habits, persistent negative states of consciousness, etc., and to cease to be a burden for the Living Life, but to be in Service of the Father with regard to the fulfilment of His Providence for the Living Life to Prosper!

It's about how to read the Decrees of the Violet Flame:

1) All the time while reading the Decrees, it is good to imagine how a powerful beam of Violet Light descends from Heaven and pours over you constantly, embracing your whole being, including all lower bodies.

2) Keep in mind this picture while reading the Decrees, and when you finish, close your eyes and imagine how the Violet Flame continues to pass through you and becomes so much that it saturates and clears each of your cells, begins to overflow from you, and you yourselves begin to radiate and bathe first your home, then the whole surroundings, the country, the continent, and finally the entire space on the material plane and on the astral plane of the planet. The Violet Flame continues to flow and embrace, and saturate, and purify in depth every Living Being.

3) Keep this picture for as long as you can, fully concentrated in it, giving your Gratitude and Divine Love to the Father One for His Mercy to you and the support and the help that is given to You from Above.

It is unnecessary for me to repeat what has already been said by Master Saint Germain* about how it is best to conduct each of your Services. You are aware that before you begin your Service, it is good to invite, sincerely wish and ask the Father help and support to be given to you during the service, as well as protection from Above so that your work is good-fruitful, and after the end of the service to thank the Father One and to send Him your Divine Love.

I also want to assure you that if you invite Me, sincerely wish and ask Me, with Joy and all my Divine Love for you, I will assist you during your Service with the Decrees of the Violet Flame, and also whenever you need support and help from Above and invite Me to give these to you.

Lady Master Clare


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* Master Saint Germain, 13 July 2010:

'‘You can always invite me to attend your service before reading the 'Spiritual practice with the Violet Fire' and ask for support or help to be given to you from Above to be successful in being focused during your entire Service. It would always be good before you start any work in spirituality to clearly state the motive for which you are starting it – that you are doing it to support the Living Life, and also say what you want your energy to be used for. And give your gratitude and Divine Love to the Father One for the Great Grace that you are given.

And when you finish your daily Service, whatever your spiritual practice, remain in peace and calm for as long as you want and can afford, alone, immersed into the depths of your heart, emanating your Joy, Peace and Divine Love to the Living Life in the Universe.’