Teaching on self-control

Beloved Lanello (Mark Prophet)

30 July 2010
Updated by Beloved Lanello on 24 October 2020

I AM Lanello.

I am glad that I can bring my Message to all of you who are continuing your Spiritual development in the network of Light and are constantly working on yourselves. Today I have come to give you some additional information on the self-control that you need to exercise on yourselves in every moment of your stay in the material world. Because you are accountable to your Higher Self and the Father for how you spend your time in this incarnation of yours.

Each of you has come to do the work that he had undertaken to do before he was born. However, this can be successfully achieved:
blue-dotwhen your Consciousness is constantly in a state of awareness, and
blue-dotwhen you exercise continuous control over each thought of yours, each feeling of yours, and all of your words so that they are gentle and in harmony with the Divine Commandments and Laws,
blue-dotwhen you exercise control over all the actions and deeds that you accomplish as well,
blue-dotand most of all, when you give up all of your desires and intentions and leave yourself in the Lord’s hands!

Whatever you do, imagine that you do it for and in the presence of that Higher Being of Light towards whom you have the strongest feeling of Divine Love and who is closest to your Soul.

Be careful what you say and how you say it, what your tone is, to all the people with whom you communicate – your husband or wife, your children, your parents and relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbours and every person you meet during the day. Would you say all this, for example, to the Most Holy Mother of God? Or would you say the same thing to another person in Her presence? Regarding your thoughts and feelings, would you allow yourself such thoughts and feelings towards Her or others when She is next to you? Would your actions and deeds towards yourselves and the others be the same, and are they filled with the Divine Love and Respect with which you would do something for the Most Holy Mother of God? And would you do all that you do during the day if She is next to you? What kind of food would you give Her and how would you eat in Her presence, what clothes would you offer Her, and how would you dress for your meeting with Her, what kind of music would you listen to with Her? Would you invite Her to your home, in the environment in which you are living right now, at this moment? Or at your workplace?...

You invoke the Higher Beings of Light to come into your temple and act through you for the fulfilment of the Divine Providence. But think about when We can be present in your temple and how long We can stay in it.

You understand what am I talking about, right? How much work you still need to do! This is noble work, Blessed by both God and the Lord. It is gratifying that whoever wishes can direct their efforts in the best direction from the Lord’s point of view immediately!