Good luck!

Master Morya

5 August 2010

I AM Master Morya.

I have come back to you again through Rositsa Avela. As you can see, the times have changed, and the Divine opportunity that has been given to the nations to awake is still open. In parallel with that, it has been decided to allow faster progress on the Path to God to the aspired Light souls in the whole world where our Teaching is planted in fertile soil, and one can see the seedlings rushing towards the Sun of the Divine Consciousness.

Today I want to congratulate those of you who made a successful start in practising the specific instructions that we have begun giving to you for the application of our Teaching. There is still much to be desired, and the future would show whether there will be any fruits and what these fruits will be. The start, nevertheless, was given, and the Divine opportunity is open. All of us, the Ascended Beings of Light, are ready to help and work with anyone who seriously starts implementing our recommendations in his life. Only then the input of extra energy in your world is justified and compliant with the United Law of the Father. And only if you have worked in practice everything that has been received by you so far, then we would be able to continue to give you our Teaching and guidance.

It is time for action. When you work in the right direction with the right motive in the right way, and you invoke me, I will participate in your work and support it, and you will notice my intervention significantly. This is my gift to anyone who is prepared to work every day on himself and for the welfare of all Living beings and the Mother Earth.

I AM Master Morya, ready to stand next to those of you who progress forward on the Path towards the summit of the Divine consciousness.