Raise your flame and merge it with the Divine Fire!

Beloved Sarathustra

6 August 2010

I AM Sarathustra.

I have come today to give you the understanding of the technique of raising your flame from the depths of your being and its merging with the Divine Fire. This technique consists in the application of the Divine qualities and Virtues in your life. The more you put into practice all the good that you carry within you, the more the flame inside you rises and inflames your inner fire. And you acquire new Divine qualities and Virtues. New chakras open up in your temple. And the fire starts to flare up in them in a beautiful multi-coloured flame, illuminating everything around you and beautifying the garden of God.

That is your task now. And this is your most important Service – the image of your life in this incarnation to lead to your inner Illumination and Transfiguration*. To open up to the maximum as many chakras as possible and to constantly conduct the Divine Light into your material world through them. May this Light fill the space around you and renew it, transfigure it and prepare it for the arrival of the Higher Beings of Light to you on the Earth.

I have come today to give you from my Fire, and thus to help you merge with the Divine Fire that will burn your sleepiness, laziness, slowness and give you Vigour, Vigilance, and Healthy Spirit, which will defeat all the manifestations of your ego, break the padlocks and remove the shackles from your hearts and sweep away all your negative layers so that your Wisdom and Divine Love are manifested and joined together in one whole unity, and the Divine Intention fulfils by gaining back your Virgin Purity, but already in the material manifestation. The purity of thoughts. The purity of feelings. The purity of the Word. The purity of all your bodies, conducting the Divine Light freely.

I AM Sarathustra



* As the Transfiguration described in the Scriptures (Matthew 17:2) because the day of receiving this Message is the Lord's Transfiguration day.