A talk about the right communication between you

Guan Yin, Goddess of Divine Compassion and Mercy

19 August 2010
Updated by Beloved Guan Yin on 5 November 2020

I AM Guan Yin.

Thanks to the new Lord’s Mercy, I am with you at this moment, here and now.

My talk today is about the new relations that you need to establish among you. Relations based on the Divine qualities of Friendliness, Compassion, Mercy, Divine Love. Relations based on mutual Respect, Openness, Honesty and Decency. By gradually working off this new type of relations, you first help yourself and then all the other Pure and Bright Souls in whom the Fire of the Living Live burns. That is so because these relations involve positivity and bring you into a state of Joy, Balance and Harmony – qualities that your world needs so much. These relations also lead to a higher level of Awareness and a higher level of energy exchange.

I would like to help you learn to communicate properly with each other, as this is where most of your troubles come from.

When you are about to start communicating with any person in front of you, you should be aware of the presence of his Divine essence and all the time to address just that essence by speaking kindly and being filled with Respect and Divine Love. In this way, you will put the conversation on a different basis from the very beginning, bringing your Higher Self to the fore. Thus, you will also allow your interlocutor to act in the same way.

The next thing I would like to tell you is that your smile, emanation and Divine Love exert their positive influence; however, it is equally important that you are fully focused on:
blue-dotwhat you are saying and what you hear,
blue-dotwhat you are thinking about and feeling during the conversation,
blue-dotand on the thing you are doing together with someone else.

It is very important to stop making the mistake of diverting your attention to something else, as during the communication, there is an energy connection and energy exchange between you.

And when you start thinking about something else, or if some illusory feelings take over you, then you are sending both your energy and some of the energy of the person in front of you into the world of the illusion. In this way, you create negative karma for yourself, and you also bring the person in front of you to an internal discomfort and annoyance without him realising the reason for feeling this way. And consequently, this makes him respond to you in some way, which is usually quite unpleasant for you!

Can you see how subtle everything is and interconnected with each other? Can you imagine now what you would cause your children if you listened to them distracted when they talked to you, and you responded to them automatically, and after that, you would wonder where that situation came from? And what about the relations supervisor-subordinate, husband-wife…? Can you repeat what has just been said to you while you were somewhere else with your thoughts and feelings? Or you have been told something, but instead, you have heard or understood something completely different?

You were just shown another way of expressing your Compassion and Mercy towards those with whom you communicate – by developing vigilant Consciousness to live without causing harm to each other while you communicate with each other or when one person communicates with a few or a whole auditorium of listeners.

I leave you to think about what I have just told you, and I sincerely hope you will put it into practice in your life.

Guan Yin