Information about the work that awaits you

Buddha Vairochana

9 November 2010
Updated by Buddha Vairochana on 06 November 2020

I AM Vairochana.

Today, I have come to give you additional information about the work that awaits you. You need to apply the received Teaching in your life and move to a higher level of Consciousness. Then, the time will come, and you will be given a new Teaching that will correspond to that new level of your Consciousness.

We help all who work on themselves every day, determined and with Faith in God and the Lord. And according to the need of the moment and taking into account the difficulties that you encounter and the mistakes you make, we will continue to give you the Teaching that you need for these times and that you are ready when receiving it, to adopt it and apply it in your life.

It is only you who determines the speed of your growth, and corresponding to it is the type of information you will receive from Us in the future – what it will be and in what amount. We are ready, and we look forward to seeing the direction of your work so that we can help you and support you on your Path and in a way that you will feel it.

This is how your progress along the Path is accelerated – the progress of those who want it, are aspired, and gradually and consistently apply the received Teaching in practice in their life.

You will have to tune to the new that is coming as quickly as possible, to raise your Consciousness. And from this higher level to become witnesses of the processes that are to run and the events that are to happen on your planet, and to be ready to react appropriately, i.e. in the best way according to the Lord’s point of view, to everything, whatever happens!

And further on, you should be prepared and capable of synchronising your Consciousness with the consciousness of the ones who are to start coming in incarnation from the Higher octaves of Light when the time for that comes. Also, to increase the level of your vibrations so that they are always synchronised with the rising vibration of the entire planet.

Everyone should realise:
blue-dotthat they are part of the universal Providence of the Lord, and it is implemented with their active participation,
blue-dotthat all of us will be working together,
blue-dotand that we are one united whole that Serves the Father One by working to implement His Will, though on both sides of the veil, which only seemingly separates us.

Thus, working together with you as a team, we will achieve the changes which have already begun as an implementation of the Providence of the Father to build a wonderful future for your next world – the New World of the 6th human race that is ahead.