Blessing the food*

John the Beloved

23 December 2010
Updated by John the Beloved on 16 January 2021

I AM John the Beloved.

Today I have come to give you two Blessings that are in connection with food and nourishment. As only a few of you are applying the Teaching of Gratitude and the Teaching of Blessing regarding nourishment and food. That is another aspect of your life that has been distorted over time in parallel with the increase of the negative karma of humankind.

When you are preparing your food, Bless it so that it saturates with the Divine energy that will feed all of your bodies:

I Bless this food!
Bless it, Lord, as well!
And help Your Grace to flow into it through my hands!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I Love You with all my heart and Soul, with all my Divine Love, Dear Father One!

While preparing the food that you and your close ones will eat, make sure you stay pure by avoiding any illusory thoughts and feelings that take you away to your daily problems.

Right before you start cooking, it is good to:
blue-dotcalm and pacify,
blue-dotfeel united with the Living Life, and
blue-dotexperience Joy and Divine Love, and to put only these feelings of yours into the food.

And when you start preparing the food, remain silent or say words of Gratitude and sing songs of Gratitude so that your energy becomes multiplied and can properly deposit into the food without being scattered into the world of the illusion.

Before starting each meal, it would be very good to bless the food. I am giving the Second Blessing with this very purpose. It will help you put yourself in the proper state to be able to absorb the Divine energy, the Divine Bliss from the food into your 4 lower bodies when you start eating. This can only happen when you are calm and harmonious while eating and put aside the thoughts and feelings that connect you with your daily affairs.

During a meal, it is again recommended to remain silent and only mentally thank the Father and all those who have worked to bring this food to you. So many beings have worked so that you receive your food which helps you to continue your existence in this world – existence which has its meaning and purpose from Above.

What I mean is to pour your Gratitude and Divine Love over all Living beings and all the people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls who have made sure you have the food in front of you, on the table at that moment.

Thank the elementals who help the plants that you eat to grow and bear fruits.

Thank the elementals who help for the growth of those herbs that you will need the most over the next year to be healthy.

Thank the elementals who purify the water you drink.

Thank also all the elements – fire, air, water and earth.

Thank all those Living people who have worked to plant plants, looked after them while they were growing, and gathered their seeds and fruits...

And finally, thank those who have worked so that you have the food on the table in front of you at the moment when you say the following blessing, right before eating this food:

Lord, Bless this food to nourish all our bodies!
Lord, also Bless all of us ….. (the names of each person present)
and Gift us with Your earthly and Heavenly Good
and God’s and the Lord’s Guidance along our Path towards You,
and Gift us with Peace and Divine Love between us and to You, Lord, and towards Your whole Creation,
and between us and all the Forces of Light
who give us their support!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
We Love You with all our hearts and Souls, with all our Divine Love, Dear Father One!

While you utter this blessing, relax and emanate Gratitude and Divine Love towards the Higher etheric octaves of Light and their inhabitants.

And then, when you start eating this food, you will be fed indeed! You will notice that:
blue-dotyou need significantly less food to feel good,
blue-dotyou will be much more efficient at work, including during your work in spirituality,
blue-dotand your Health improves over time.

The only thing you need to do is to reside in Joy and Divine Love to pour out of you, and again and again to thank the Father for everything that was, is, and will be!

I AM John the Beloved



* Note from Rositsa Avela on 11 May 2016

It would be good to bear in mind the changes that occurred on the planet and to observe the given Five Rules-Guidelines on the protection of Purity.