Logic of the events

Lord Sanat Kumara

7 April 2011
Updated by Lord Sanat Kumara on 20 January 2021

I AM Sanat Kumara.

Today I have come to you again, beloved children of RAIMA (the Earth) with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, and I appeal to those of you who, despite the difficulties that you encounter at every step, seek our help and support and continue to move forward along the Path to God. I congratulate you on your decision.

I have come to inspire your confidence and to infuse you with new strength.

The process of purifying the planet RAIMA (Earth) has started so that it can be preserved for those of you who have made their decision to advance in the Real world of God.

This purifying process of your planet is the logical consequence of the decisions and actions made so far by the humankind as a whole and by its individual representatives. This is the only opportunity for the planet and the Living Life on it to continue their existence.

Besides the implementation in your life of everything that you have been told, today I will give you guidance on what you could do when you feel that it is very difficult for you.

Print out and look at the Messages-Pictures that Rositsa Avela has begun to receive and draw each time under the guidance of one of the Higher Beings of Light.* They are absolutely real and active help from the Higher octaves of Light that is given to support you when you feel that it is so hard for you that you are without any strength and desire to do anything. The only thing you need to do before you start looking at them is to find yourself a quiet place where you are alone.

While looking at the Message-Picture that attracts you the most at the moment,
blue-dotThank God and give Him your Divine Love;
blue-dotThank also our Heavenly Father Lord Alpha, all Angels and Archangels who have been helping and supporting you all the time along your Path when you needed help, and you asked for their help and support, and give them your Divine Love.
blue-dotGive your Divine Love and Thank the Lord for everything that happens, because whatever happens, it is the best both for you and your Soul and for the souls of your loved ones, and for the further evolution of the humankind and your whole planet.

Each of you will feel for how long to look at the Message-Picture which he chose at that moment. And while you are looking at it, thanking and giving your Divine Love to the Higher octaves of Light, you will gradually feel how you are filling up with new strength and desire to move forward and upward. And you will have the understanding of the Divine logic, and you will accept it that whatever happened, whatever is happening, and whatever the future holds, that is the best from Eternity’s standpoint.

I AM Sanat Kumara




* See section Spiritual work, Messages-Pictures 'Help from the Higher octaves of Light'. To download a picture from the UNIFICATION website (edinenie-vsemirno.net and edinenie-vsemirno.bg) for printing, click on it. That will open a new window with the same picture in a larger format. Right-click with the mouse on the large picture and choose the option Save image as... That will save the image on your computer with a file extension JPG, which you can print directly or transfer to another computer with a colour printer.