The day of your Liberation from the networks of the illusion*

Lord Surya

9 April 2011
Updated by Lord Surya on 26 May 2021

I AM Surya.

I have come today to give you one more recommendation, which could be goodfruitful for you.

When you decide to walk the Path Home, you begin to encounter all kinds of obstacles and trials because of which you constantly have to choose whether to continue to move forward and upward along the Path or go back.

The more you progress in your walk, the more subtle the manifestations of the illusion are around you. The higher you climb, the steeper and narrower the Path becomes, and every step forward must be made extremely carefully because in some places, even the smallest error in the movement may lead to sudden sliding down, and the majority of the humankind lack the clear vision to understand what the damage will be and whether by the end of their current incarnation, they will begin to climb up again.

Thus, my advice to you is the following:

Every morning, as soon as you wake up, imagine a White Path that you are walking along and that leads straight forward and upward to the Divine heights. And imagine that Master of the Higher Beings of Light to whom you have the strongest feelings of Gratitude and Divine Love, standing on top of the Path. He is standing in front of you, surrounding you with His Love and giving you the strength to continue forward towards him.

Hold this vision in your Consciousness throughout the day, and if an illusory feeling or thought seizes you, immediately recall your Master, who is up there, calling upon you to climb up to him, and is ready to support you and help you all the time if you give him access to you by being harmonious and peaceful enough so that he can do. As soon as you remember your Teacher and his great Love and support to you, you will notice how this illusory feeling leaves you gradually, as well as the negative thoughts.

Do repeatedly what I have just told you. It will strengthen in your Consciousness, and in every situation, you will be in contact with your Master on the subtle plane as soon as you remember that he is there, always ready to support you. Whenever you manage to overcome the illusory feelings and thoughts that have seized you once again, imagine how you make another step forward towards the summit – a step that shortens the distance between both of you.

It is very important to remember that the more you give your Divine Love to God and the Lord and are in a state of inner gratitude to Them for the help that is constantly provided to you – you, your close people in the network of Light, the planet RAIMA (Earth) and all Living beings, the easier for you it will be to make the right, from the Lord’s point of view, choices because then you will be on a higher vibrational level.

And even though you are already clear, I will repeat once again that it would be good to make a habit of giving your Gratitude and Divine Love Above the more often, the better – from the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night**.

When negative thoughts and feelings pour over you, remember to thank God and the Lord as soon as it is convenient for the support and help given to you to overcome them and also to thank that you are supported and helped to overcome them and get free from them***. And the more you thank even for minor things and the more you give them your Divine Love, the less you will need to ask for help and support from the Higher octaves of Light.

While you are immersed in the illusion, in every decision you need to make, keep your consciousness awake and always ask yourself the following questions:

Will the choice I intend to make now help in my progress along the Path to the Father?

Will it help for the growth of my Soul and its union with my Spirit?

Is this choice in accordance with the Lord’s Commandments and Laws?

Does it lead to the creation of a Divine Pattern that would help and support the Living Life?

Stop for a moment and try to feel what your heart tells you as an answer to these questions, and try to act by the received indication.

Start to think before you act. Start to think where each desire of yours comes from – whether it comes from your Higher I AM Presence or from your illusory part or even from somewhere else – from one of the networks of the illusion. As it is very likely that the representatives of these networks are tempting you at this moment by acting through your own illusory part.

Always when a desire appears within you, leave it in the Father’s hands by asking Him to decide whether the desire should be realised or not according to what is best for you from His point of view.

And there will come a moment when you will notice that you lack any desires from the material world anymore because you will have become Conscious about their illusiveness. You will see that you can accept each situation as it is, without being hurt, irritated, offended or annoyed by it, remaining in harmony because you have raised the level of your Consciousness.

Then will come the day of your Freedom from the networks of the illusion. Freedom that you have achieved with your own efforts and with the help of your Masters from the Higher octaves of Light.

Those of you who are with Living, Bright and Pure Souls and apply the advice given by Me to a sufficient extent are capable of reaching this point in your advance along your Path.

I AM Surya


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* The continuation of the White Path Practice is in Lord Surya's Message of 26 March 2013.
See also Thought 286

** but only when you are alone and without the possibility to be seen by anyone.

*** In 2017, Presence of the One gave a new Spiritual practice, a very powerful and efficient one, exactly for the transitional times that we are living in now and that are coming in the future. This Spiritual practice should be used in all cases of harmful interference by representatives of any of the networks of the illusion. This is the Spiritual practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 steps'.