Change the direction of your thoughts and feelings towards the Higher octaves of Light and constantly keep your consciousness in connection with the Higher octaves of Light

Lord Shiva

10 April 2011
Updated by Lord Shiva on 18 July 2021

I AM Shiva!

Today, I have come to you to tell you what kind of work awaits you in the future, providing that you wish to continue your progress in the right direction towards God and the Lord, without deviating and without wasting the precious Divine energy that is given to you to do this work.

You need to work constantly, without a day of rest, since many of you have already used up all possible break-times and put so much of your energy into illusory deeds. The time when you had to take care of your self-perfecting is over, and when you failed to do it, that was only to your detriment.

The only way of salvation now for each of you is to start thinking about the good of the planet and the Living Life on it and act with this motive only with all your zeal towards your own development. To apply all virtues in your daily life and live in observance of the Divine Moral Law and all the Lord’s Laws and Commandments. And to do so with the clear consciousness that the balance of the planet is barely retained. The future of the humankind, the whole planet and the Living Life on it now depends on the choices and actions of single individuals, of everyone who is awakened and standing on the Path!

When Divine Love flows from you to every Living being in the Light network, when you accept without condemnation everything around you, including yourselves, and when you accept your life as it is, with Joy and Gratitude to the Lord and to God, you have the chance to continue your evolution in the world of the sixth human race on the planet RAIMA (Earth) together with all those Souls who are already ready and awaiting on the subtle plane to do that as well when the time comes.

Now each one of you, without exception, has the responsibility for the further unimpeded existence of the planet and evolution of the humankind and the representatives of all natural kingdoms that belong to the Living Life. Every one of you with your thoughts, feelings and words that you put into the surrounding environment predefines the future that awaits you – to what degree it will be favourable and which of the variants of possible future will start!

Therefore, change the direction of your thoughts and your feelings towards the Higher octaves of Light and constantly keep your Consciousness in connection with the Higher octaves of Light. That is the most important work that awaits you. For every one of you!

I AM Shiva