Ray of Hope

Master Koot Hoomi

13 April 2011
Updated by Master Koot Hoomi on 02 August 2021

I AM Koot Hoomi.

Today, I have come to you to fill you with the energy of Joy and my Love for you, which I am giving you now. I would also like to convey to you my Hope and Faith in you and in the blossoming of your abilities, which you are even without an idea you have.

Open your hearts and let the Divine Love that streams to you from the Higher octaves of Light pour over you. Absorb this Divine Love, and when each of your cells is filled with it, start to radiate it to the whole planet and the Living Life on it.

Open your eyes and look at the beauty around you. Notice every detail of the ever-changing nature and admire it. Watch the sunrises and sunsets, and absorb the beauty of nature in these moments with every cell of yours. Look at the stars in the night sky and receive the Messages they send you.

Open your ears for bird songs, the murmur of water, the breeze and the music of the Higher Heavenly octaves of Light.

Feel the Creation of the Father One in its entirety and infinity.

Notice only the Divine manifestations of your world.

Be calm and harmonious. Thus, you will be able to make the right decisions in situations that life brings to you.

That is the key to success in transforming today's situation on the planet into Good.

Only when you are in Joy, then you will give Joy to your relatives. Only when you are in Divine Love will you give Divine Love to the whole Creation of the Father.

Take time to practice art – it increases your vibrations and elevates you to the Higher Heavenly realms. Go ahead without waiting for better times. Start right now, immediately. Then, you will be protected from all the abominations of the illusion.

And the more of you succeed to fulfil my today's recommendations, the greater the Hope is for better development of future events from the Lord's point of view concerning the Living Life on this planet.

I AM Koot Hoomi