Recommendations on an easier way to protect yourselves and successfully continue your evolution

Master Serapis Bey

14 April 2011 and 06 October 2019
Updated by Serapis Bey on 16 August 2021

I AM Serapis Bey, and I have come to give you the momentum that will help you move forward regardless of what is happening now and regardless of what lies ahead.

All of you who accept the Teaching that we have been giving in the last few years and seek to implement our recommendations to you in practice now need to focus even more on your spiritual development.

In the new times that have come, the best for everyone is to work on his own development and pass through the situations that life brings him but also keep a constant and close relation to the Higher Octaves of Light and their dwellers – the Angels and Archangels and the Higher Beings of Light, and constantly demand, sincerely wish and ask them for help and support for everything he needs. Then, he should thank them and give his Divine Love to them even when the end has come of the situation because of which he had asked for support and help.

It would be good for you to get used to addressing the Higher Beings of Light before you start any kind of work – about everything that you are beginning to do, so that you get support from Above, and after finishing, to express your gratitude to those who you can thank* and give your Divine Love to them – to all of them, with all your heart and soul.

Divinely multiply your Divine Love among yourselves – you and the Ascended Beings of Light, and reside in Joy and Gratitude to God and the Lord and give them this Divinely multiplied Divine Love.

Obey the Lord‘s Commandments and Laws and work off new Divine perfections as a replacement of everything illusory that you will transform into Light with the greatest ease, as you will be getting support from Above all the time.

These are important recommendations, especially for the times when the distance between you and all the other people residing in the illusion and not willing to part with it starts to increase even more.

When you keep your consciousness elevated and you are able to communicate with the Higher Beings of Light, the connection between you and them will be constant and bilateral, and it will become even stronger with time. And then, whatever you start doing, when you call upon the Higher Beings of Light who are available at that moment to join you and stand by you during your work in spirituality, and in materiality as well, this will Divinely multiply the good-fruitful result from everything you start doing. And you will take an invigorating breath from the Higher octaves of Light which will give you the power to continue afterwards in the illusion, wearing your masks.

And this will continue until the next time, until your next meeting with the Beings of Light from the Higher Octaves of Light. And when you call upon them, always keep in your consciousness the thought that you are doing it to make your spiritual development easier and faster. And the aim and the reason for this are to help the planet and the Living Life on it to survive. And to be in pursuance of your Divine fate and the Lord’s Providence for this world!

Create Divine patterns of this new type of communication between you and the Beings of Light – in Joy, in Harmony with nature and with Divine Love between you and them.

Share with all the Forces of Light how beneficial their presence and help are for you in your life during all moments of support and help that you get from them, and how much this strengthens your Faith in the Lord and Divinely multiplies it.

Share with them how much this communication raises your energy and vibration levels and clarifies your consciousness, and it moves on to a higher level, and with gratitude, give them your Divine Love again.

Also, share with the dwellers of the Higher spheres of Light the pieces of art which are a Divine example and increase your Joy, and make you feel light as if you are about to fly to the Heavens. This will increase even more the good effect of these works of art that are a Divine example and are in the Light network.

Share with the Higher beings of Light, the Angels and Archangels and the elementals your walk in nature as well in any kind of weather. It will always be the best for you whenever you decide to go out of populated areas, and while still at home, call upon them to join you. Make sure you find a quiet place where you can stay in silence in Their Presence, remaining silent until you feel that you are merging with the Universe and becoming one unified whole with each other and with everything that surrounds you.

Thus, following these recommendations, it would be easier for you to remain Alive, to be good-fruitful in the Light network and whatever happens in any future moment of your life, to be able to continue your development successfully.

I AM Serapis Bey


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* See in Part Teaching, Question & Answer 2 'The most important thing for these times' from 28 December 2016 and Question & Answer 6 'Answers to questions on the topic of Q&A 2' from 23 February 2017.