Give additional help to RAIMA (the Earth)

The Great Divine Director

15 April 2011
Updated by the Great Divine Director on 20 September 2021

I AM the Great Divine Director.

We took advantage of the beginning of a new cosmic cycle to give this cycle of Messages at that time. With these Messages, we help you launch a new uplift in your growth in spirituality – all of you who are capable of such progress and want it. Besides, all of you who apply our Teaching receive guidance that adjusts your course in the right direction and gives you the support you need to continue forward.

I came to attract your attention to the situation on the planet, which continues to be aggravated with every passing day. Therefore, I would like to remind you of the possibility of writing letters to the Karmic Board* at any time, even in the days without any of the regular meetings which happen four times a year**.

Those of you whose hearts prompt you about the need to give extra help to the planet could write to us and assume one more obligation, be it a small one, to work in spirituality or materiality to the summer solstice. And in case you decide to perform the additionally assumed obligation continuously, that will be of greatest benefit!***

We take care of the planet and the Living Life on it to survive, but it would be good if it is your constant care as well! And while you perform the additional obligation, direct your Gratitude and Divine Love to the Mother RAIMA (Earth).

We would be grateful for any additional aid received from you.

I AM the Great Divine Director



* See the guidelines for writing letters to the Higher Beings of Light in the Message given on 23 July 2010 by Lord Surya, which can be used when writing letters to the Karmic Board as well.

** Addition from 12 October 2011: Now four times a year: during the summer and winter solstices, as it was until recently, and during the autumn and spring equinoxes, which became necessary precisely because of the increasingly complicated situation on the planet and the difficulty to predict events.

*** This whole paragraph is an addition given on 12 October 2011.