Change in the way of life

Lordess Pallas Athena

17 April 2011
Updated by Lordess Pallas Athena on 12 October 2021

I AM Lordess Pallas Athena, and I have come to give my Message to all Living, Bright and Pure Souls who are ready to accept it.

The planet has entered into a state of increasing transformation energetically aided by the Great Central Sun.

To be saved and to survive, everyone who is currently in incarnation needs to reinforce their Spiritual growth as much as possible and give up their attachment to the illusion as well as its manifestations. And every day to carry out purposeful work on the implementation of the recommendations that we give you in each Message, Guidance, Question and Answer in Part Teaching, and in the texts in Part Work in Spirituality on the UNIFICATION website.

This particularly applies to parents who are responsible for the proper rearing of their children in such a manner and environment that will allow both the children and their parents to feel good during the process of ongoing changes. Try to explain to older children – teenagers, the reason for taking these measures, the reason for preferring your home to be outside the city and to live in silence and harmony in it, and the reason for removing from use everything that lowers your vibrations.

And explain it to them when you have already been in nature for a few days, the illusion has loosened its grip, and the children are able to accept what you are telling them. Although some of them are more prepared than their parents for the new way of life, which we urge you to establish.

I am giving from my Wisdom and Love to all of you in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning so that
blue-dot you become clear about the commandment of time,
blue-dot it becomes your creed,
blue-dot you get the strength you need, and
blue-dot you change your life so that you can live in synchrony with the planetary changes and in union with the whole, changing nature!

Finally, I would like to remind you that in times of any disasters, cataclysms, accidents, catastrophes, etc. at any point in the world, both natural and in any sphere of life, the best is to remain calm and without delay, at the first convenient moment when you can be on your own, to say the following:

I ... (the first name)
thank You, Dear Father One, with all my heart and Soul about everything that is happening here and now, including ….. (mention the disaster, cataclysm, accident, catastrophe…, and also where it is happening)!
I Believe in You, Lord, in Your Power and in the Perfection of Your Providence!
I am aware that everything that is happening is the best from Your point of view at this moment so that the planet and the Living Life on it can survive!
May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I Love You with all my heart and Soul, with all my Divine Love, Dear Father One! And I am giving it to You now!*

I AM Lordess Pallas Athena

blue line

* Stay quietly and do it – give your Divine Love to the Father One, the longer you can do it, the better!