Help for consciousness upliftment

Lord Sanat Kumara

18 July 2011

I AM Sanat Kumara, and I am ready to give my Message to all Light souls – both to the awakened ones and to those who were already awake but fell asleep again even though their desire was only to nap a little, but also to those who have been sleeping for a long time, and it is now high time for them to be awakened and step back on the Path to God.

I have come to strengthen in all of you the momentum to act in the right direction – upliftment of your consciousness and reaching the summit of the Divine consciousness. This is what all our Messages have been telling you. Have you ever wondered what the reason is?

Your move along this Path is the only thing able to save your soul and to ensure its further development and survival in conditions where anything is allowed in the time in which you are living now. Time of increasing counter-reaction of the illusion to the changes which have already begun and are gradually increasing their intensity. These processes will only grow, and our desire is to help you prepare for them in the best way, and we do it each time when we have the possibility to give you Messages by a new Divine Grace.

Today, once again, I would like to draw your attention that you can uplift your consciousness only when it is free from the influence of the illusion, and that happens:
blue-dotwhen you have managed to avoid overloading your consciousness with unnecessary information baggage, and
blue-dotwhen you succeed in preserving your Positivity and state of inner Peace, Harmony and Calm.

These are the two things that you need to work off to make your life easier.

Imagine a balloon which you want to use to ascend in the sky. Now imagine whether this balloon could take off if it were attached to weights on the ground with ropes of different thickness on all sides? Similarly, you tie your consciousness yourself to the burden of redundant information which you absorb for different periods of time every day from all media information services and the books you read. And you do it without listening to the quiet whisper of your heart and without accepting our help through the signs that we give you – when the wind shuffles the pages of your reading, or the internet stops just when you are reading something 'interesting' and 'useful', or your child disturbs you with his needs or questions as soon as you want to see or hear something on the radio or TV, or the dog wants to go for a walk and is anxious just when someone you know is telling you something over the phone.

Let's go back to your balloon. Let's say that for a sufficiently long time you haven’t received any surrogate information that binds your consciousness to the illusion of the material world, which means that you have released the balloon from the weights well enough, and now it can rise up.

Could you fly safely in the direction you want if you begin your ascent during a storm with lightning and thunder, accompanied by very strong wind and rain? That is exactly what happens when you seek to elevate your consciousness during your ministries, and you direct appeals for assistance to us, but have not tried first to calm the storm raging inside you, in your thoughts and feelings associated with your life in the material world. You also forget to calm your words that hail out of your mouth continuously and hurt the crops with the fragile sprouts of the New Order, which we have planted in your souls.

That is, beloved, what you could work on so that you succeed in uplifting your consciousness and then keep it up most of the time at the level where it is protected from the show played by the illusion through the various temptations and counteractions.

Ascend in the balloon that you have prepared for a Trip, and when you look at the world from above, you will see that everything down there is unable to attract you, tempt you and entice you. And you will realise that everything down there has stopped being so important so that you fight for it or need to counteract in any way, whatever it is!

You will fly in the boundless azure, bathed in Light and with great Joy in your soul!

And when you decide to land your balloon, you will bring this Joy and Light with you, and you will bestow them to anyone whom you meet in your life and who is ready to accept them with Gratitude and Divine Love towards you and towards God.

Only the one who is ready to accept your Joy, Light and Divine Love with Gratitude and Divine Love will be endowed with them! Otherwise, even if you emanate them, he is without the possibility to get them and accept them. The same, and even more than that, refers to each Message that we have given you if the one who reads it lacks Gratitude and Divine Love to the Ascended Master who has given it and the Messenger who has accepted it!*

I AM Sanat Kumara, with Love and care for you.


blue line

* On 5 March 2013, Lord Sanat Kumara added this paragraph to the text of the Message.