Declare by behaviour your intention to live in the New World, in accordance with the laws of this Universe

Lord Shiva

22 July 2011

Lord ShivaI AM Shiva

Today I AM have come to point out to you some moments, towards which you should focus your momentum and actions for the future. The more of you listen closely to our words and immediately proceed to its application in your live, the better it will be for your world.

Everything important about the current stage, you have already been told in previous our Messages given in the last century through the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. The difference is that now the time is so short, that it is no longer as important to inform as many people. The most important thing right now is that those who read our Messages now, immediately, without delay, fully and with the best possible quality to begin to implement in their lives without interruption, of all recommendations received so far from us as well as recommendations received today and recommendations which you may receive in the future.

Now I will proceed to the main – the guidelines for the practical application of our Teaching. It is important that through your behaviour you express your intention to live in the New World, in accordance with the laws of this Universe. And do this without harassing you mind that your behaviour is a drop in the ocean of the illusion. Important in this case is not what all others do, but what you do, and also in what state of consciousness you are doing it.

Be joyful and radiant while doing your non-standard deeds and sow Divine patterns where you are, full of Love for your entire planet and all living beings.

Be calm and confident in/of what you do while applying in practice our recommendations.

Be positive in your thoughts, feelings and words, and always beware of it.

Be balanced:
Speak softly, gently and smoothly;
When walking, do it with no sudden movements;
When travelling, regardless of the type of vehicle, again drive smoothly with low speed, if the speed at which you travel depends on you. Eighty kilometres per hour (80 km/h or 50 miles/hour) – this should be the maximal speed of your movement in the space of your world with the vehicles that are currently available.
Only in this way the harmony of the environment is maintained and residents of all the kingdoms on the Earth feel good. Also, only in this way, your four lower bodies feel good and significantly less energy is consumed from the inhabitants of the subtle planes of the existence, to protect you from unforeseen situations on the road, after you have appealed to Heavens to be guided and protected on your Path. Be frugal with the energy, which is assigned to you as a help, once you step on the Path, by the special Divine Grace, so that you can use it for something really important in the narrow and steep sections of the climb to the summit of the Divine Consciousness.

Learn to keep your consciousness awaken and watch closely what you spend your Divine energy on at every minute of your life in this incarnation. Watch closely the decisions and choices you make, and especially the intentions that drive you. Always, before making a decision and choose what to do, consider what is the intention for doing it and only if it is right from God's point of view, if it is in the service of the Common Good, step up to the action. And even if the outcome of your actions is not the most successful from a human point of view, it will be most useful from the standpoint of the real world of God.

And when, as many of you are able to calmly and meekly accept whatever happens to you and around you in your world, and continue to radiate Love to everything and everyone, and Gratitude to God, your world will survive. The physical platform of the planet Earth will be maintained and your evolution will successfully continue forward.

I AM Shiva, with help for you, who are keeping your Faith and Aspiration towards God! OM

© Rositsa Avela

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