Help for the Motherland

Holiest Mother of God

26 July 2011

Holiest Mother of GodI AM Holiest Mother of God

I am using the provided exceptional Divine opportunity to reach also by/through that of our Messenger to all of you aspired and loving children of God from all nationalities, inhabiting the planet Earth!

The first thing I will give you is my great Love for you all, and then my great Gratitude for your efforts in response to my request to you to give help to your motherland through your service/ministry in spirituality.

I'm so glad that sufficiently many of you were able to devote time daily to/for work in spirituality. And although a few, there are also those who devoted all their free time to the spiritual practice, which is closest to their hearts.

In cases of threatening disasters of any kinds, sometimes just for such one of you, may be created Divine miracle. Any negativity will be transformed in the place where this person is located, if he gives his Divine energy back to the Heavenly realms. And also to the place on the planet where he was born, and for which place he makes his request for help before God. Because not all of you live in their Motherland, but wherever you are, you can pray for it and you can direct your Divine energy to help your Motherland!

It is a connection blessed by God, which can be enhanced through your selfless service. In this way, you will be able to receive support and protection of the land on which you were born, even though you are thousands of miles [kilometres] away from it. That's why it is important for all of you to feel your relationship with your native homeland and the people living on it, and be aware of this connection and interdependence that exist on the field level. As well to be aware of your responsibility to maintain the positive your thoughts and feelings you have towards everything native, including the people who govern the country at the moment.

At the time of constant changes, in which you live is very important that you are aware and enlightened on the issue of the relationship of each of you with the land on which you was born, and with people who live on it. Relationship, which was established at the time of your birth and is accompanying you throughout your present incarnation, and it depends only on you what will be the strength and power of this relation/connection.

On the selfless service and unconditional love, which every one of you, and as many of you as possible, give/send back to your Motherland, all over the world, depends the prosperity/welfare of the whole planet Earth - your common Home, your common Motherland, inhabited by people in all countries and by all living creatures, of all the planes of the existence!

I AM Holiest Mother of God, with trust in your strength and ability to do good by your Ministries/Services, and with the help to all of you who do it every day through your prayers and through every thought, feeling and word.

© Rositsa Avela

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