Remember the critical importance of the shorter times in which you are living now

Lord Maitreya

5 August 2011

I AM Maitreya, and I have come today to all awakened in whom the fire of the Living Life is burning! I have come to attune you for your future work that you are going to do, being incarnated in the material world. Every one of you is an important part of God’s Plan for the implementation of the New, which is coming. And all of you together with your thoughts, feelings and words that you are creating now, and with the work you are doing through your service in spirituality, unconditionally giving your energy to God, and with your daily work in the physical world, you determine which variant and which sub-variant of the already ongoing variant, and which sub-sub-variant of the sub-variant that has already begun, etc. of God’s Plan will be activated at any subsequent time!

So, I have come to bring to your outer consciousness the critical importance of the shorter times in which you are living now, and the importance of the decisions that you are making, and the actions you are taking or not taking in these times. All of you have come in this incarnation of yours specifically to do the best you can, and do it continuously!

I have come today to give the necessary charge to stay awake in the future to those of you who have already been awakened. In addition, at this moment, I am giving you the necessary charge to keep you lively and able to work whenever you are aspired to God and wish to serve the Living Life!

And when you need help and support to stay on the Path, try to calm down your thoughts and feelings, go deep in the silence of your nature and from there, you can appeal to me to give you help. Stay like this for a while in Gratitude and full of Divine Love for your Higher I AM Presence and God, and then read the Message that I am giving you now.

Very soon you will notice your Strength and Will to go ahead, and there will be a moment when, as by 'itself', the solution to your problem will come, and you need to accept it with joy, even if it seems to you that this is not 'the best' solution, because it is the best for you, here and now!

So, you need to thank and continue forward along the Road even more conscious and aspired, applying our recommendations in your practice more fully and better!

I AM Maitreya, and I have said what I had to say. OM