Instruction for the front team lightbearers

Beloved Saint Germain

10 August 2011

Beloved Saint GermainI AM Saint Germain

I have come today to announce with great joy on the results of my last call to you. I have received the letters which you wrote to me, beloved, in which you have expressed your desire to join the front team as volunteers, practicing the implementation of the Divine norms of behaviour in all areas of life based on the Divine Guidance!

I want to tell you that these letters are enough for this moment. You that have engaged yourself in this are really enough to start the necessary changes. And after some time, which won’t be too long, this process will accelerate. And it will be accelerating and intensifying like an avalanche.

Beloved, however difficult it is, you with your actions now are those who little by little, day by day, are bringing the coming of the Golden Age trough your every positive thought, feeling and word, with each your right deed and action!

We in the higher octaves are ready for the changes. We are given all the energy necessary for their achievement. It is like a sea of living water, which is located high on a mountaintop. And all humankind is lower in the desert. And the water in this sea is looking for a gap/crack in the thick layer of waste that you have been accumulating for centuries to reach to your world. Well, now the team willing to help all the evolutions of the planet Earth is formed. You have already rushed up and started the clearing. Your most powerful tools are your Faith, Hope and Love in the bright future, in the Golden Age, which is to come for the peoples of Earth, your Aspiration and Positivity.

I'll explain it figuratively. Your positive thoughts, feelings and words, as well as your right actions, carried out in accordance with God's law, are the instruments that convert the negativity around you and thin the layer of the obstacle that separates you from the life-giving water.

And now by the persistence and diligence of your team, by all of you together, depend on how quickly comes the moment of breakthrough when the water begins to drip into your world. Initially a narrow slit will form and the water will drip at first, and then a thin stream will flow.

This is exactly the moment for which I have come to give you my guidance and to point out its exceptional importance! You, who are in the slot, will get a stream from the Divine water as first and you won’t be thirsty any more, you will become strong and powerful, and here comes the time to demonstrate exceptional self-discipline to continue your work, without being distracted by anything else, and without wasting your strength and power in the old world! Because, just a little more joint work will be required of you in the indicated direction to pierce the layer of negativity in your world and the water will flow in it as a mighty stream, sweeping everything illusory in its path. It will saturate all thirsty souls and give them the strength to join the work as well – each of them at his place – to dig channels through which the water can reach every corner of the whole earth! Only then with the help of as many workers as possible, who will be joining your team all the time in the future, the planet will flourish, will transform and the Golden Age will recreate! And this will happen only when we combine our and your efforts in one united whole!

I and the others Beings of Light are ready to guide you and support you, constantly pouring in you additional knowledge, strength and power. We are already doing it and I'm sure many of you can feel it. And that will intensify in parallel with the efforts applied by you in the right direction.

I AM Saint Germain, I support you in your work and I expect with hope that many more will join you very soon!

© Rositsa Avela

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