Continuation of the talk about the conception of your children

Master Koot Hoomi

12 August 2011

I am Koot Hoomi, and I want to give you some additional guidance on the subject of conceiving and rearing of the children, which can help to ensure a bright future for the representatives of the humanity in whom the Living Fire is burning, and for the whole planet Earth.

You already know that the lower and lower vitality and creative potential of each consecutive generation, which are observed on the planet over the last century, have a direct bearing to violating the Divine Moral Law more and more. And today I have come to continue my lecture through this Messenger of Ours because many of you repented of their past sexual promiscuity.

However, this is only the beginning, beloved! The current civilisation has deviated a lot from the observance of the Divine Moral Law. We have been coming and continuously proclaiming the danger in recent years. As in all previous civilisations perished on the planet Earth, we have already observed the same symptoms of reduced viability and reduced creative potential, which escalated in each successive generation!

After this introduction, since you realise your responsibility for each of your actions and each choice you make from now on, I will proceed to the point.

You are already aware of the importance of the chastity of both partners before the marriage ceremony, regardless of which religion the service will be held in (for example a wedding in Christianity).

There are two important things here.

The first thing is chastity before conceiving their first child to give him the full energy potential intended for this conception, proceeding to the sexual act only with the desire to create a new person and asking God for that.

The second thing is to perform the ritual for the creation of the new family before the conception of the first child. Through this ritual, the man’s and the woman’s auras combine in one new additional common aura, in one single whole, with which later in the life of the married couple the sexual energy – the energy of Creation, is stored and accumulated, and it can help all members of the family and the kin!

Without the wedding ritual, during which the man and the woman promise to each other to be with each other before God, the Divine energy of the Creation is dissipated in the illusion. The same thing happens when the common aura of the married couple is torn due to the infidelity of one of the partners.

In both cases – the lack of a ritual creating a new family or with a ritual but with infidelity afterwards of one or both spouses – if a child is conceived, the soul that comes down in incarnation is from the lower layers of the Heavenly octaves – from the astral layers. Only with such a soul, a viable child can be born in a parent couple having this level of energy and vibrations, which happens when they live in violation of the Divine Commandments and Laws.

That is why we come and give our Teaching, and we ask you to help it to reach young people and explain it to them. The more young people know about it and realise its importance, the better because they will start thinking about what choices to make in their lives in the future. In this way, there will be a chance for more bright souls to come into incarnation. Conditions will be created for the coming of the Golden Age.

The whole Teaching needs to be explained to both young people and their parents. If such a bright soul decides to take a chance and incarnate, it is very important, in addition to the above said, for the child’s parents and grandparents to be aware and ensure normal conditions for the development of the new person so that he can realise the life plan he came into this incarnation for. You realise of course that such a radiant child with high vibrations could not keep them if he lives with people who have a low level of awareness and feed themselves and the child with meat and surrogate food and keep the child in front of the TV, and live in the vibration, noise and pollution of the big cities, which is why they themselves have a low vibration.

Finally, I would like to clarify one more thing. If you already have as many children as you want, you continue to be responsible about the way you spend the Divine energy of the Creation. Every time when you decide to have sexual intercourse with your marriage partner, you should prepare for it. Raise your consciousness to the Higher octaves of Light and direct your joint energy, woven into a unity, towards God, for the benefit of the Living Life so that this energy returns multiplied to help you and your growing children, but also to help your grandchildren! By your actions, you create both the future of your children and the future of your grandchildren and also your own future in your following incarnations.

I am glad that you realise your past mistakes, and I see many of you who wish to stop repeating them. Ask God for help, and it will be given to you so that after you have realised your mistakes, and you are willing to stop repeating them in the future, you succeed in your task.

I AM Koot Hoomi, with Love and care for your lifestreams and with hope for the survival and prosperity of the human race.


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* On 7-8 February 2013, Beloved Koot Hoomi gave some additions to the Message, which have been included in it.