Learn to write beautifully and to apply that every day

Master Morya

20 August 2011

I AM Master Morya. I have come today to give you instructions on how everyone in whom the Living Fire is burning, through his own efforts, can significantly help himself to improve his Concentration and to be in Balance and Harmony. All these are qualities that you absolutely need to work off so that you can enter the New Order!

Concentration helps you to keep your thought focused on the real world of God, without being diverted to the illusion that surrounds you.

Balance and Harmony help you remain positive and in Joy and thus, protect your temple and your Divine energy, regardless of the scene of life which is played out at every moment of your stay in this world.

What I recommend you to do is always to write by hand when possible. And the most important thing in the process of writing is to try to calm down and write slowly, smoothly, rounding out the letters with the same spacing between individual words… Practice your handwriting again and again. And before you start, thank God for the help that is given to you for your success.

The more you write and you manage to calm down, and slow down the pace of writing, and do it with rounded and merged letters in words, regardless of when you do this, where you are and what you write, the more you will feel that when you start talking, your tone is softer and your thoughts flow smoothly, and you feel good. You will feel lightness and joy in your soul. After a while, you will notice that your concentration is improving, and it is much easier to keep your attention on something specific.

This is so as everything is connected in the human body, and when you make efforts to write calmly and with rounded letters, it affects your thoughts, feelings and speech. They become positive and attuned to the Divine gamut!

When your thought is busy with writing, and you put into this process all your diligence and do it willingly, you think about how to write the letters and not about the current problems you have. Thus, freeing your consciousness from the problems, you enable them to be resolved in a Divine way, and you allow your Higher I AM Presence to step in and suggest the right solution. And as you try to write beautifully, suddenly at some point, a great idea could be born in your head that came straight from the Higher realms.

The process of beautiful handwriting is extremely important for the humanity in the state in which it is now. That is why the forces of the illusion put so much effort into making it less valuable.

At the level of the physical body, through your efforts, the brain sends commands to the hand to slow down and round the letters, to align the text and place it symmetrically on the sheet. Then, on the subtle plane, the energy begins to flow smoothly between the two cerebral hemispheres.

At the level of the soul, this leads to the emergence of the sense of Joy and a state of Pacification, and Positivism in your thoughts.

The next thing which occurs after reaching the result mentioned above is the connection of the Soul with the Spirit – with the Higher I AM Presence, which then takes the leadership, and you become able to create Divine patterns in every area of life.

Beloved, you understand how everything is interconnected, and how much your civilisation has departed and follows a path that leads downward. You type in text using machines, and they write for you. You even learn not to think while pressing the keys with the corresponding letters. Recently, your 'advanced' civilisation invented a way to write even less, even with the help of machines, and you went so far as to touch the screen with all the text prepared on it. How 'convenient'!

However, this leads to degradation and inability to concentrate and to have creative thinking. And then you wonder why in your advanced civilised world there are so many new diseases. Did your great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers suffer from senile dementia, or had a clear mind and wisely admonished their children and grandchildren, and knew and remembered so many fairy tales, legends and songs?

Today, I have come to give you this practical advice that will help you in the future and will make it easier for you to control your thoughts, feelings and words. You can use the achievements of your civilisation, but do it wisely and in moderation! Type on the computers, but also write by hand. And when you practise handwriting, do it with quality so that you are well.

Ask for help to develop the proper, from the Divine perspective, writing of texts and always thank God for the help that is given to you!

And when you create, it is better to write what you are creating by hand. Thus, it is more probable that your Divine essence is in the foreground, and your illusory part is without any influence over you.

Today, I am giving you the impulse to act in the right direction and to be healthy in the future. Healthy in Spirit, Soul and body so that you are successful in all the work you do, led by the thought of the well-being of the Living Life and with the intention to serve God every hour!

I AM Master Morya