It depends on yourselves – on every one of you – where you will continue your evolution and from which level

Lord Eliseya

24 August 2011

I AM Eliseya, and I have come from the Great Central Sun today to give a Message to the humanity on the planet Earth.

One of my functions is to support the transition process through which the planets and the evolutions on them undergo when the time for that comes. Also, to control the transition process so that it is conducted in accordance with the decisions taken by the Supreme Space Council for each separate evolution. So, I AM came to your planet only during its transitions to a new evolutionary level. I have come now, too.

I am using the opportunity through this Messenger of ours to bring to your external consciousness what is most important to you.

Try to look at the process that has started and will continue to expand, from the standpoint of eternity. Get out in your consciousness beyond the limits of this planet and the life on it. Realise that life is eternal and merges from one form to another, from one planet onto another, from one galaxy into another, from one universe into another. Death is an imaginary concept of your civilisation – forget about it! It depends on yourselves – on each one of you – where you will continue your evolution and from which level.

Therefore, all the Teachers of the humankind consistently indicate in the Messages they give you the importance to follow the Divine Commandments and Laws. The time has come for you to lead the life of saints. And the more of you do it, the better for all Living beings on this planet.

That is why you were told about, and I will reiterate the importance of the daily reading of the Messages that are given to you by the Forces of Light. The implementation of the guidance contained in these Messages gradually and constantly in your life is also important. The Messages should become your favourite reference book. The Word of God contained in them should be the main and almost the only thing that you read, except the reading of professional texts related to your official duties, during the work you do in the material world.

I will explain the above words so that you understand that I am not extreme in what I am saying, as some of you might think. And you will understand that this recommendation is to your rescue in the times in which you are living.

You were told that the Messages that we give you in addition to their informational component, also have an energy component. This energy component helps you to raise your consciousness, to increase your vibrations and tune your bodies to the wavelength of the Higher octaves of Light. When you read our Messages with all your attention, with Respect and Divine Love towards the Ascended Being of Light who gave it to you, it helps you to absorb this energy component. And then, when you ask for help and try in every moment of your life to apply the guidance you have read, you create good karma through your right thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and actions, and your Divine energy is multiplied.

Consider now what happens when you perceive information that is negatively charged – for example, think about the news, which you are kindly offered in various kinds and forms by the mass media sources of information in your world. Think about all the information you are flooded with, and for which you were repeatedly told that its truth is 10 per cent or even less. This entire information surrogate is illusory, and when you receive it, you give your Divine energy to the illusion, thereby strengthening it. That way you karmically load yourselves and close yourselves to the Divine world. Furthermore, the time when you missed the opportunity to put in your work and to direct your efforts towards something useful in order to accumulate good karma is irrevocably wasted for you. Besides, the time of changes has already started and continues to shorten.

When you receive false information and/or negative information, it also contains an energy component, which is released into your bodies. However, in contrast to the energy component which enters your bodies when reading the Word that comes from the Higher octaves of Light and which anoints your bodies with Divine oil that heals and renews them, the energy component of the negative and false, from the Divine point of view, information destroys your bodies, and your energy channels are closed.

This happens to you when you watch, listen, read, or receive such information from various sources, be it a book, newspaper, magazine, radio, television, internet, computer games or something else. This also happens to your young children, for instance, when you put them in front of the TV, or when they sleep or play in the room around you when you are watching TV. Even if they do not watch TV and do not understand what they hear, the energy component destroys their bodies and closes them to the Divine world. You cut off their connection with their Home, and you are responsible for this. This process can be compared to the inhalation of tobacco smoke by children when they are in the room in which you are smoking.

Now you already understand how important the daily reading of our Messages is for you. And how important it is for you to stop wasting your time and energy on illusory activities, but to direct your efforts to implement what you read, to work on each instruction which has been given to you. You have such a great field for practical work in applying what you have read, in service of the Living Life! This will help you, and it can also help so many Living souls around you to continue your evolutionary development forward and upward!

This is what I wish you, and I would be glad if as many of you as possible pass successfully through the times of changes.

I AM Eliseya