Teaching on the importance of distinction – the signs on your Path

Lord Lanto

19 September 2011

I AM Lanto.

Today I have come to give the next part of our Teaching to those of you who are ready to acquire it and wish to apply it in their life. After all, you have come into incarnation to work on yourselves and through your own development to serve the Living Life on this planet. And when you finish working off one or a few of the principles of our Teaching, and they become part of your being, to continue to the next. In that way, you can move forward along the Path to the Father smoothly, gradually and continuously.

Today I want to draw your attention to the signs that you are given. The same signs that you often ask to get to indicate to you the direction in which you need to go when you are faced with a decision that you have to make, whether it relates to an everyday situation or something particularly important in your life.

You realise that each choice you make either brings you closer to God or moves you away from Him. For this reason, many of you think before making a decision or a choice in situations that life brings to you. And when you direct your gaze to the Higher Heavenly spheres and ask us to support you along your Path and to guide you so that you make the right choices from the Devine point of view, we do it. Yes, we put in Divine energy so that the things around you happen exactly as they happen. We give you our signs so that they help you along the Path, to highlight it and correct it. We give you road signs and road markings so that you can continue to move in the right direction.

However, as you already know, everything in your world is dualistic. Respectively, the signs that you receive may be given by us or by the forces defending the illusion. Only your inner state determines to whom you will connect and whose signs you will accept.

If you reside in Harmony and Joy, you will certainly notice our signs, which you yourselves give us the possibility to manifest in your world.

The opposite is also true. If you get a sign when you are in a negative state, whether it is anger, nervousness or irritation towards anyone or anything..., you’d better remember my words from today and think before you start using exactly this sign as guidance for your future choices.

I would advise you first to do whatever you need to calm down and regain your harmony and balance. Thank the Forces of Light for the help you are given to free yourselves from the state you are overwhelmed with at the moment and which is far from the Divine state in which you should be.

I want to remind you of the wisdom that has come to you through the centuries and has been preserved in folk tales and proverbs – if someone is angry, first he needs to count slowly to ten before he says or does anything. You should give yourself time to calm down and then continue to move forward.

There is another wisdom which your forefathers were respecting and had a good life in God: 'The morning is wiser than the evening.' When you are tired and overloaded energetically by the events in the day, and you need to make a choice, even though it doesn’t seem to be an important one, it is much better to postpone it for the next day and ask God to help you to recover during the night. Ask the angels to protect you and to escort you immediately after you fall asleep in the Higher octaves of Light to your Heavenly Masters from the Hierarchy of Light. Also, ask your Master from the Higher Heavenly Octaves for help – to give you a sign from above so you can make the right choice that will allow you to stay on the Path. Then, in the morning, you will wake up rested and able to see this situation in a completely different light. You will be able to receive and recognise the signs that we send to you to help you.

And the best thing for you would be always to receive only those signs that we send you and bring to your external consciousness. That is why we always teach you to be absolutely positive, in Joy, with your consciousness elevated to the maximum and Knowing that whatever happens, it is best for the moment, and thank God for everything!

Today, I have explained to you how to distinguish the signs that come to you, and that they are directly related to the inner state in which you are at the moment when you receive them, or in which you were a little before that. I am glad that I am with you at this moment.

I AM Lanto