Be yourself in your relationship with God

Beloved Babaji

1 October 2011

I AM Babaji.

Today I have come with a new Message to the humankind of the Earth, and especially to you, the disciples aspiring to God.

I want to draw your attention to the following point – you should be yourself in your relationship with God. In your illusory society, everyone is wearing a mask and plays a role in front of the other actors. However, many of you have fused so much with their masks that they change just a part of them to look different, but they actually forget to take off the mask itself even when they are standing alone in front of God.

I want to ask you whether you know who you are – Gods in their nature who have forgotten this truth and have sunk in the illusion of materiality. And have you considered whether you wish to manifest this essence of yours in materiality? Would you like to be Gods in manifestation in this incarnation? It is possible, beloved, when you decide to change, when you follow the Divine Commandments and Laws and desire everything you do to serve the Living Life, all the Living beings. In this way, you will be able to continue your evolution according to the design of the Divine Plan.

After this introduction, I will proceed with my instruction, which could be useful for you if you have decided that you want to continue your way in God in the future and want to avoid becoming a waste product of the evolution.

It would be good to maintain a continuous internal dialogue with your Higher I AM Presence and talk to it with great, Divine Love, and thank it for the decisions it takes for the development of the events in your life. When you are alone, tell it about what happened to you and ask it to help you with what you cannot handle yourself, and even if you can cope, ask for advice and to show you somehow whether the thing you intend to do is right from the Divine perspective.

When you are in an ascended state of consciousness, and you radiate Gratitude and Divine Love towards your Higher I AM Presence, then it is much more able to guide you in your life.

The same thing happens when you internally ask us for help during the day and before you fall asleep at night.

Show your true face to the God within you and to the Ascended Beings of Light. Be like children, show sincerity and repentance when you feel that you have made a mistake, ask for help and constantly send as much Divine Love as you can to the Higher Octaves of Light.

Thank constantly for everything! Water the Heavenly garden with the Living water of Gratitude. Direct your Gratitude and Divine Love towards all Living beings, and especially to God. Thank the Heavenly Father with all your heart constantly, every day, many times for His Grace to the planet Earth and to all Living beings! Because His Grace is really great, and despite all the karma that the humankind has created and continues to create, the planet still exists, and until the last moment those people who want and decide to change and be saved, get this possibility.

But now the situation on the planet is extremely difficult, and that is why I am telling you to say 'thank you' to the Higher octaves of Light, radiating it with your whole being!

I AM Babaji