Guidance for preparation before the start of any work in spirituality

Lord Sanat Kumara

24 January 2012

Lord Sanat KumaraI AM Sanat Kumara

We, the Ascended Beings of Light from the Hierarchy of Light, have always given and give recommendations on how everyone aspired on the Path towards God should prepare himself before the start of any work in spirituality, as well as how to perform this work later.

Today I have come to give guidance on this subject once again.

Before you begin the spiritual practice that you are doing, whatever it is – reading Messages, invocations, prayers, Rosaries, the violet flame decrees, reading sacred scriptures given by the masters of humankind in the past epochs, meditation, singing or listening to mantras or any other songs about God … and no matter what religion you belong to, you need to calm down and harmonize, and elevate your consciousness to the maximum. It will be easier for you to achieve this through the following few steps:

(1) Be in nature during your ministry. This would be best. However, if it is not possible for you, then do it with an open window, so that air freely enter and fan/stream/envelop you. If this is unacceptable for some reason such as intense heat, cold or noise, then at least can ventilate the room well. Relax in a comfortable for you position of the body and try to breathe deeply, evenly and quietly for a few minutes. Then imagine clearly what you are saying and say it aloud or silently:

Lord, I ...... (the first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask,
the way the fresh air is blowing on me now,
may Your Divine Breath embrace me
and blow away all that is illusory from my bodies
so that purified and released
I can proceed to You and serve You.
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

(2) To wash or spray with water your face and hands, and if you can the palms of your feet as well, while saying aloud or silently, and imagining the following:

Lord, I ...... (the first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask,
the way this water touches my face, hands, and feet now,
may Your Heavenly Dew touch me and dissolve
all my illusory thoughts and feelings
and everything negative accumulated in me
so that I am released from everything that may hinder me
to serve You with quality and give You my Gratitude and Divine Love.
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

(3) If you are in nature, it would be nice if the sun shines on you, or the thing you see in front of you is lit by the sun. If you're indoors, light a candle and watch for a few minutes on the candle flame (without glasses - for those who still wear glasses) and Thank God all the time, after this with full attention say aloud or silently, clearly imagining the following:

Lord, I ...... (the first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask,
the way Helios / this flame is lighting me up and illuminating me now,**
may Your Divine Fire light up and illuminate
all my thoughts and feelings
and burn out all those that are illusory
and retain only those which are in Your Will.
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

(4) Turn finally to Mother Earth and send her your Love and Gratitude for giving you shelter and everything you need to live on it, to grow and to perfect yourself in God here and now in this your incarnation.***

That way full of Joy, Peace and Calm, feeling your unity with God within you and with the whole Creation, and have received support from all the elements - air, water, fire and earth, you can start your spiritual practice.

All this you can do only if you feel that it is good for you and the result of its implementation is your balance and harmony/alignment with the higher octaves, and bring you to a state of blissful peace.

Universal/Generic prescriptions for all are difficult to give, because you are so delightfully different! So first of all, listen to your heart! It knows best, what is the best way to prepare for your service.

When you start your spiritual practice, it is very important to completely focus on it, feeling and radiating Love and Gratitude towards everything and everyone, with trembling sense of greatest respect towards the Beings of Light and especially towards that Heavenly Master, whose message, for example, you start to read at this time.

Always before the beginning of your service/ministry, dedicate the energy that you will release during this time to the Common Good, for the welfare of the whole Creation and all its inhabitants! The more you give your pure and radiant Divine energy in the higher spheres, the more you will receive what is best for you.

Finally, I want to warn you that if you do not tune into the higher spheres before your ministry, or if later during the course of the spiritual practice you have some illusory thoughts and feelings, and you lose your focus, in this case is much better not to start at all, or if you have begun, to interrupt your ministry, saying with a strong Faith as follows:

Lord, I give You my illusory thoughts and feelings,
take them all and transform them into Light,
and I thank You for this!
(repeat 3 times)
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

Then proceed only if you feel that your thoughts and feelings are clean again. If a single utterance of this word-formula does not help you, you can repeat it as many times as you need, filled with a very strong Faith, Love and Gratitude towards God, until you get the desired result! Because as much your quality service/ministry performance can be good for you and with the greatest benefit for you, as much you can hurt yourself if during the ministry your thoughts and feelings are directed to the world of illusion that surrounds you.

I know that if you want and you apply the necessary effort and persistence you can succeed. So I give you in this very moment the necessary momentum and energy charge, which will accelerate your success!

I AM Sanat Kumara, full of Love and care to all of you!


* It would be good after the end of any of the invocations or the Word-formula to utter the Gratitude to our Heavenly Father and to Lord Sanat Kumara:

Thank You, dear Heavenly Father, for everything now!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Thank You with all my heart and soul!

** For those who are outside, under the sun, the second line will be:

'as Helios is lighting me up and illuminating me now.'

For those who are watching the flame of the candle or the fire, the second line will be:

'as this flame is lighting me up and illuminating me now.'

*** Word of Gratitude to the Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth!
I am sending You my Divine Love and I Thank You
for giving a shelter and everything necessary
to all people who are part of the Living Life
so that we live, grow and perfect ourselves in God
in this incarnation here and now.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The Invocations, the Word-formula and the Words of Gratitude given by Lord Sanat Kumara, are in 'Invocations for tuning before you start any work in Spirituality'


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