Utilise the Divine tools which we have given you so that they can help you*

Lord Sanat Kumara

9 May 2012

I AM Sanat Kumara, and I have come today to give all of you a clear picture of the situation on the planet at the moment. You know that there is an on-going process of accelerating increase of the energy and the vibration of the Earth. The news is that according to the recommendation given by the Supreme Cosmic Council of the Great Central Sun and adopted by the Karmic Board of the planet Earth during their meetings in the period around the spring equinox, this increase will occur in time in leaps and repeatedly. This will be done carefully and with utmost care for the planet and the Living Life on it. And each jump in the increase of the energy and vibration of the Earth will be followed by a period of balancing of the planet and attunement of the living organisms to the change made.

The humankind as a whole enters a difficult period, as in the past years, which were given for upliftment of consciousness, it missed to do so in its greatest part. Therefore, after each stage like this, some people will be able to tune in, while others will lack this possibility and will be leaving the physical plane, because it will be vibrating at a level which differs from their level of vibrations and oscillations, including at the cellular level.

Today, I have come to speak to all those who were able to pass the first and each subsequent threshold and to prepare you for the following period of equilibration.

The best thing for you is to follow the recommendations given so far by the Ascended Beings of Light. First of all is being positive, in Joy and Divine Love towards all Living beings and especially towards the Father for everything that happens. Maintain your Aspiration and your Perseverance – Aspiration to follow the Path to the real world of God and Perseverance in carrying out your daily services in spirituality – each of you performing the spiritual practice that is in his heart. Because in the time in which you live, this is salvation for each of you – the work in spirituality every day and the observance of the Divine Moral Law and all the other Divine Commandments and Laws in every minute of your life, as well as the regular implementation of all the Divine qualities and virtues that you have, in the place where you are, and towards all Living beings.

When you are high in the Spirit, that helps your physical bodies to tune much easier to the new vibrations of the planet. During each of your services when you say invocations and Word-formulas, prayers, Messages, or when you meditate or chant mantras or other songs praising the Father, at the time when you manage to detach your thoughts and feelings from the world of illusion and elevate them, you get in contact with the Higher ethereal octaves of Light. By giving your prayer's energy for the implementation of the Providence of our Heavenly Father, you give the opportunity to many beings from various levels of the Heavenly Hierarchy of Light to work with you at this time and to renew and tune all your four lower bodies – the physical, emotional, mental and etheric so that every minute and every day you are in union with the planet and the Living Life on it.

In this way, you help the changes to happen in the best way for you, and you always remain in unity with the United Creation of the Father and prepared for all ongoing and future changes.

Believe me, it is useless to worry and trouble about anything in the illusory material world. Reside in your Faith both in God and in the Father and strengthen it every day, keeping calm, positive and harmonious, whatever happens to you and around you. Know and remember at every moment that whatever happens, happens with Divine admission and in implementation of the Providence of the Father One, and it is best for His United Creation, as well as for the salvation of your souls! And this is most important for each one of you, my beloved ones!

So, dwell in Joy and constantly thank all the Forces of Light. And when it is hard for you, ask for help, and it will be given to you exactly as much as possible in the state in which you are, and exactly when you need it most!

Utilise the Divine tools that we have given you so that they can help you.**

We try to help you in every possible way. But to do that, we need you to ask for our assistance and accept it with Respect, Gratitude and Divine Love.

When you reside in Joy, with Faith and Divine Love towards the Father for all that you have been given, and towards our Messenger, through whom this becomes possible, by caring for her so that she can Serve the Father and be helpful to you in the future, then you receive all the help and support that you need from Above, and your bodies are anointed with Heavenly Ointment and are revived for a New Life in the New Order of the Golden Age!

I AM Sanat Kumara, always with Love for each one of you – the children of the Father in whom the Fire of the Living Live is burning.


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* Lord Sanat Kumara gave updates on 14 March 2013 and on 11 January 2015, which are included in the text of the Message.

** On 3 June 2015 Lord Sanat Kumara instructed that the list of the Divine tools which are given to help us in these times should be located as an Appendix after His Message, which will be updated continuously in time whenever a new Divine tool is given to help us pass through the times that lie ahead.



Divine tools given to us here and now and in the times that lie ahead.

* Important addition – see at the bottom.



blue-dotThe Mercy for reading the Messages and Guidance that we give, the prayers, invocations and Word-formulas, the Blessings and Words of Gratitude, the Violet Flame Decrees.

blue-dotThe meditation for the Earth.

blue-dotThe Mercy of every 23rd day of the month – to devote your service in spirituality and all your good and right from the Father's perspective thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and actions during that day for the transmutation of the negative karma for the whole next month (see the Message of Lord Surya from 23 March 2014).

blue-dotThe Mercy to Bless – to bless all Living beings both out loud and silently, filled with Divine Love, the children to bless the members of their family in times of need, to bless the food as you cook and before each meal (see the Messages of Lordess Pallas Athena from 27 November 2010 and 10 May 2012, and the Message of John the Beloved from 23 December 2010, and the Message of Lady Nada from 24 July 2014).

blue-dotThe Mercy to activate the crystal string that connects your heart with the Central Sun always while you are doing your daily service in spirituality.

blue-dotThe Mercy to write letters to the Karmic Board 4 times a year during the summer and winter solstice and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, as well as always in exceptional cases of need when you express your free will on how you want to use a part of your good karma to speed up the work-off of your negative karma and what you want to be helped with from Above, for which you take on some additional responsibility for work in spirituality for the next three months (see the Message of Master Saint Germain from 12 May 2012).

blue-dotThe Knowledge about the importance of beautiful handwriting (see the Message of Beloved Master Morya from 20 August 2011).

blue-dotThe Mercy to receive the help from Above multiplied many times when one of you calls the Ascended Beings of Light to participate in his service, and they all together with him, as a group, demand, sincerely wish and pray for his close one, who has asked for that (see the Message from Beloved Guan Yin on 27 August 2011).

blue-dotThe Mercy for watching the Messages-Paintings 'Help from the Higher octaves of Light' that contain energy keys helping in elevation of the consciousness when you thank God and thank the Father while looking at them. Our Messenger started receiving these Messages-Pictures at the end of 2010, although she had hardly painted anything so far in this incarnation of hers. It took us a whole year until she overcame her reluctance to paint which was due to an 'incident' in her childhood, which actually preserved her pure so that she may receive now exactly what is needed without having any knowledge of your contemporary fine art that would only hinder her.

blue-dotThe Mercy for listening and singing songs that multiply Joy, Gratitude and Divine Love and which Rositsa Avela started receiving in 2011. These songs are specially donated to you from the Higher octaves of Light, and our Messenger receives them mainly while she is alone in nature, in moments of supreme Joy and Union with God. They are Divine patterns that could be useful in a multiplied way if you are in nature while singing them or you sing them while you view one of the Messages-Paintings that attracts your heart most at the moment.

blue-dotThe Mercy of the spiritual practice of the White Path (see the Messages from Lord Surya from 9 April 2011 and 26 March 2013).

blue-dotThe Mercy to receive assistance from the box with pearls from the Divine Teaching (see the Message of Lord Surya from 10 July 2011).

blue-dotThe Mercy of Gratitude to the Father (see the Message of Lord Shiva from 26 September 2012).

blue-dotThe Mercy for purification and transformation of the water into Living water (see the invocation of Lord Shiva from 5 September 2010 in Invocations for specific occasions).

blue-dotThe Mercy to invoke the Forces of Light in case of urgent need of help (see the invocation from 29 December 2012 in Invocations for specific occasions).

blue-dotThe Mercy allowing you to help during cataclysms and natural disasters on the planet (see the Message of Lord Gautama Buddha from 17 April 2011).

blue-dotThe Mercy of the Spiritual practice 'Repentance and Forgiveness' (see in Part Spiritual work).

blue-dotThe Mercy of the Spiritual practice 'Work on the speech for its transformation into Word' (see in Part Spiritual work).

blue-dotThe Mercy for Meetings with the Messenger when multiplied help from Above is given as well as a continuation of the Teaching in the form of questions-answers given both during the meeting through the Messenger and received by her during her work with the Father Presence of the One during the solstices and equinoxes (see the Message of Beloved Lanello from 1 October 2012).

blue-dotThe Mercy to ask questions to the Ascended Beings of Light on the UNIFICATION website (see the Message of Master Morya from 3 October 2012).

blue-dotThe Mercy to be protected on the Internet while you are on the UNIFICATION web page.

blue-dotThe Mercy which allows you by paying the Divine tithe to be in observance of the Law and to be healthy and able to work and have the opportunity to give Donation to God.

blue-dotThe Mercy to avoid taking negative karma from your employers and eventually to create good karma through Donation to God.

blue-dotThe Mercy to be trained in the School of Initiations of Lord Maitreya (see the Messages of Lord Maitreya from 21 July 2010 and 16 April 2011).

blue-dotThe Mercy to get help in difficult moments from the Ascended Beings of Light who have expressed such willingness in their Messages (e.g. The Most Holy Mother of God in her Message from 29 March 2014, Lord Maitreya in his Message from 5 August 2011).

blue-dotThe Mercy for Divine assistance in every kind of labour through the Invocations of Lordess Pallas Athena (see in First morning Service).

blue-dotThe Mercy for Divine inspiration of your creativity through the invocation to Elohim Apollo (see Invocations during the Service).

blue-dotThe Mercy to be protected from the forces of the illusion through Blessing (see First morning Service) and two Word-formulas (see Invocations for specific occasions) given by our Father One, and supported with energy reserve for their function rather than through a new egregore created by people.

blue-dotThe Mercy to protect the first, second and third chakra through the invocation to Archangel Gabriel, once you have harmonised them (see First morning Service).

blue-dotThe Mercy to benefit from the Elements of Nature for your karmic cleansing by using the invocations from the Message of 24 January 2012 by Lord Sanat Kumara.

blue-dotEach invocation is a separate Mercy, each blessing is a Mercy, but only if the person has grown to need and is willing to use them for his further growth and perfection in God!

blue-dotThe Mercy to be in UNIFICATION with the whole Creation of our Father One, including the Living Life at all levels in this Universe, which is one of the highest forms of perfection (see Words of Presence of the One on the main page of the UNIFICATION website).

blue-dotThe Mercy to enhance the manifestation of all the qualities of the individual in the conditions of increasing vibrations, under the action of the Law of Manifestation (see the Message from Lordess Pallas Athena from 10 May 2012).

blue-dotThe Mercy to receive all the help you need daily from Lord Shiva to destroy everything old that hinders you so that you can move forward on the Path to the Father (see the Message of Lord Shiva from 22 March 2013).

blue-dotThe great Mercy of the Father One to help for the multiplied transformation into Light of the harmful energy introduced by the forces of the illusion in the lower bodies of a person and thus this harmful energy to transform into even greater Divine Force and Power (see Words of Gratitude to the Father Presence of the One for multiplication of the Divine Force and Power, 4 March 2016).

blue-dotThe exceptional Mercy of the Father One to give The five Rules-Guidelines for the conservation of the Purity, for the salvation of the human Soul and the successful continuation of the evolution in the transitional times (see in 'Spiritual work', March 10, 2016).


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* Note from Rositsa Avela on 14 March 2016: Regarding the use of the Divine tools from this Appendix, see first the first of the Five Rules-Guidelines – how to carry out any work in spirituality.