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Beloved Guan Yin

11 May 2012

Beloved Guan YinI AM Guan Yin.

Today I came back, full of Mercy and Compassion for your souls, which are so wonderful, and I see, most of them are suffering a lot when you refuse to hear your inner voice, which whispers to you from the depths of your heart, or pretend that you don’t hear it and think with your external consciousness that what it is trying to tell you, is illusory!

Beloved, most of you who read these Messages, you have a connection with your Higher I AM Presence who tries to guide you in various ways and succeeds when you are conscious and harmonious. You feel what is right and what isn’t, you feel when you are wrong and more often you are able to stop before you do something wrong!

This makes us very happy! Your Higher I AM Presence is very glad too! If you only knew what a great joy evokes in us each of your success and progress on the Path to God! All this becomes possible only due to your own efforts to keep your consciousness maximally elevated towards the Higher spheres as much as you can at any time.

This happens mostly when you perform your daily spiritual practices, which helps you to achieve the state of quiet joy and peace, and then maintain it for as long as possible. When you read our Messages after you have reached this elevated state, thank the Father for them, then it becomes possible for all the energy contained in the Message to enter your temple and fill all of your lower bodies. It becomes possible to touch and take from the achievements of this Ascended Master whose Message you read. This energy exchange can continue throughout the day until you are able to keep your consciousness elevated.

Therefore, I advise you to do your work in spirituality – your spiritual practices early in the morning after you have met the sunrise, and even before that. Because the attunement, which you receive in the early morning hours, will be useful for you for the whole day, as it keeps your consciousness awake and helps you to more easily succeed in doing the differentiation between real and illusory things in life and to remain outside the influence of mass consciousness.

The Divine energy that is poured into all of your bodies during the sunrise, when you have prepared properly for it by elevating your consciousness and remaining in Joy, is what you need more than ever before, because every day the radiation of Helios is different and it tunes the planet and all Living beings to the ongoing changes.

The Sun receives energy streams from different places in the universe, which prepare it for the changes that take place. It receives them and after processing them resent them to Earth, for the benefit of all those who are tuned to the Higher octaves of Light during the sunrise. These streams of energy flow into your lower bodies and harmonize them according to the energy and the vibration of the entire planet, so that you feel as well as possible for the remainder of the day and night. This way it is much easier for you to maintain the joyful feeling that overwhelms you at sunrise throughout the day.

All this is possible when you get up before the sunrise well rested and you sleep well at night, which means that you need to go to sleep early, at the right time, so that you get such result in the next morning.

Of course, there are always exceptions; when during the night, while your physical body is in a state of sleep and rest, your Soul is working on the subtle planes and you may wake up in the morning more tired than when you went to bed. This state of morning fatigue happens when sometimes during the night you help in an emergency on the planet. Then, while meeting the sunrise and giving your Gratitude and Divine Love to Beloved Helios, he will make sure to profusely charge all of your bodies with the energy you need, so that you feel good throughout the day.

The state of morning fatigue, may happen as well, when you went to bed and fall asleep without tuning yourself in advance to the Higher octaves of Light. Especially if you go to sleep overwhelmed by some negative state of your consciousness – negative thoughts, feelings or after spoken negative words. Then after falling asleep you may find yourself in one of the layers of the astral plane, where you may lose some of your Divine energy and create a negative karma during your sleep, instead of creating a good karma, while being in the Higher octaves of Light and working for the wellbeing of the Living Life.

Therefore, it would be good before bedtime to take a few minutes, to relax, thank the Heavenly Father for the past and the next day that is coming, stop thinking about your daily work and make the following invocation to Saint Archangel Michael and the Angels of Protection:

Lord Michael, I ...... (the first name)
demand, sincerely wish and ask,
send me some of Yours Angels of Protection,
to protect me during night and as soon as I fall asleep
to accompany me to the Higher Heavenly octaves of Light,
to accompany me back when I wake up in the morning,
as well as every time I wake up and fall asleep at night,
so that my protection is constantly perfect
on all planes of the Existence.
May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

Thank You Lord Michael and Thank You Angels of Protection!
Thank You from all my heart and soul! Thank You! Thank You!

My advice to you is, if you wish, to do even a very short ministry every night just before going to sleep to be able to tune in and immediately after falling asleep to get to the Higher etheric octaves of Light. I have instructed our Messenger, what such a service could be*. You could tune in, however, in another way, which is convenient, works for you, elevates your consciousness, increases your vibrations and brings you closer to the real world of God.

After meeting the sunrise, when you begin to work with enthusiasm and full of joy, then the object of your work is filled with your high vibrations and affects everyone who later touches it.

I will give you one more important advice. It would be good to keep the balance and equilibrium in the labour process. Being out of work is as harmful to you, as the overtiredness by doing the same thing for hours.

It is even more harmful when you work to exhaustion of your physical bodies. When exhausted, usually you are without Joy and your Divine energy starts to nourish your illusory being. That way you may find yourself under the control of negative thoughts and feelings and by being in this you become much more vulnerable for the various manifestations of illusion around you.

Therefore, the recommendation that has been given at all times is to work concentrated and intense, but without exhaustion. When you feel that you start getting tired, it is best to change the kind of work that you have been doing with other kind of work. Those systems of your body that were loaded so far with the first kind of work, remain at rest, and other systems begin to load and work.

This way, you preserve both, your joy of a well-done work and your positive attitude. It depends only on you to decide how to organize your work to allow for alternation of one type of work to another, and to make the most effective use of the day, without leaving time for thinking and doing illusory things! Then you will have a clear conscience, in agreement and unity with your Higher I AM Presence and you will get the opportunity to communicate with him, so that you are helped by his guidance at any time of the day.

By following all our recommendations, you will gradually change. You will become more and more perfect, and such will be your thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and actions. All Living beings around you will change to better as well. The more of you succeed in overcoming yourself, start feeling the unity with the whole Creation and saturate it with the bursting from you vibrations of Joy, Peace and Divine Love, the more and faster Good created by you will crystallize on the physical plane as a more prosperous future for those in whom burns the fire of the Living Life.

I AM Guan Yin in Joy that I was able to convey to you all this.


* Short Evening Ministry before going to sleep at night.

© Rositsa Avela

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