A new Divine Grace

Beloved Saint Germain

12 May 2012

Beloved Saint GermainI AM Saint Germain and have come to greet all of you who have clearly declared that you want to separate from the old negative energies present within you, and enter into a new Age of Aquarius freed from them and filled with new energies of Joy, Peace and Love.

I have come also to greet those who have not yet done so, but will do it now!

For all of you I bring good news from the closing session of the Karmic Board, which took place in the days after the spring equinox. The decision taken on it, was that you can write letters to the Karmic Board not only twice a year – in the days of the summer and winter solstice, but four times a year – as many times as the Karmic Board has sessions regularly from a year ago.

This decision was taken because on the one hand, there is need to increase the aid we receive from you in support of the changes that are happening on the planet right now and on the other hand, to be able to help you more and faster. The time constantly accelerates its pace and now during three months it may happen and one can worked out that, what just a few years ago, could be worked out in half a year or more. I have in mind your problems related to your negative states of consciousness, harmful habits and negative karmic records for the transmutation of which, you have asked us, and made an obligation to do some work in spirituality every day.

Those of you who have expressed their desire to separate from the old energies, in accordance with the new Grace, which I have announced in the days after the winter solstice, were given the opportunity to raise their vibrations very quickly to the energy level required for the existence in the New World and have tuned to the planetary changes that take place up to this moment.

Beloved, this automatically leads to the manifestation of your remaining negative 'deposits' and the need for their timely transmutation/conversion as soon as they come to the surface.

That is why as a natural consequence of the previous Grace, apart from the possibility that I have given you to ask me to help you, now you are given a new Divine Grace, which will also be helpful to you. We also recognize the fact that whatever obligation you take, it will be easier for you to perform it three months rather than six months. And after that, according to the result and experience you receive, you will be able to assess how you need to help you over the next three months and what you can actually do as a work in spirituality to enable us to help you. As so far you take obligations, but many of you do not perform everything during the period of the six months and respectively the result can not be that what you wished/hopped for and what we wanted.

So now you will have the opportunity and I urge you to be absolutely accurate in fulfilling/implementing the taken obligations for three months, and then you will be convinced of the benefits/usefulness of this new our joint initiative/endeavour!

The action of this new Divine Grace starts from the days of the summer solstice, when the term of the obligations you have taken during the winter solstice will expire. In your new letter to the Karmic Board, you can write then that the obligations you take, you'll be doing until the days of the autumnal equinox, when you will have the opportunity to write the next letter.

Then, through Rositsa Avela, we will inform you eventually again about the news that should be brought to your external consciousness in order to accelerate the process of your progress towards the Liberation from all [that is] illusory within you, and replace it with the Divine qualities and virtues necessary for living in the Age of the New Order. This way you will constantly elevate your consciousness as high as you can, and gradually you will free yourself from all/everything negative that burdens you and keeps you into the murky depths of the illusory material world as an anchor, where the view is limited and cloudy. And you will begin to see through and understand that the only thing that is worth asking and pray for, and for which completely unconditionally and selflessly to give your own Divine energy that is released every day during the execution of the accepted obligation for work in spirituality, is the Common Good for all Living beings, and the Wellbeing of the whole planet Earth! Then, whenever you need help, after you ask for it, it will be given to you right away, instantly and in a much greater extent than you would expect.

A moment ago I said that through Rositsa Avela in the future eventually we will inform you about the news, which you need to know and which will be useful for you in these times. Before I finish the Message, I would like to tell you the reason why I used the word 'eventually'. Ladies and gentlemen, the reason is not in Rositsa Avela. She works selflessly for the well-being of all of you and receives the Messages accurately and each time with the required/right energy saturation. But that's not all. She was instructed to receive Messages each time in different places on the planet, however difficult is this for her and associated with all the inconvenience and hardship for her. Thus, the Light that is poured during each subsequent cycle saturates the surrounding area/space and helps for balancing/(to balance) of the Earth and for the smoothest and safest possible happening of changes, even in places where our Messages are hardly read.

So, as you understand, the receiving of Messages is not the only important task/work, which she does. However, in order to be able to receive Messages at location, as she is instructed and in the way as she is instructed, means are necessary. She has completely dedicated her life to serving God, but to a achieve maximum quality of her Ministry and to fulfil the tasks assigned to her by the Great White Brotherhood (the Brotherhood of Light) on the physical plane, she needs to have adequate financial support. Otherwise, if she will not be able to go to a location, as she is instructed, according to the needs/(as required) of the moment, this our mission of the Light loses its meaning. We gave her the instructions to do her work this way as a last resort of support for the safest possible course of the changes, which have already begun.

As a Master responsible for the advent/arrival of the New Age, I think that it is necessary to bring all this to your knowledge. You have been told already that this our Messenger now works in the most difficult conditions in which any of our other Messengers has worked so far our in the last hundred years. That is right. It's amazing that in such difficult conditions in which she had to work, she can maintain her harmony and see the positive side in every difficult situation. However, I do not know how long she can withstand to work and live in these extremely difficult conditions of existence/life. And whether she will have the possibility to go next time, when instructed, since until now, several times she was very close to not being able to go, or unable to return when the work was done.

I have said enough and it's time to say goodbye to our next meeting, eventually.

I AM Saint Germain, with Love towards you. I remain ready to help you whenever you invoke me for help, when you're just on the verge of falling into any negative state, so that you can remain positive and peaceful in Joy, Love and Gratitude!

© Rositsa Avela

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