Relationship with your Higher I AM Presence


13 May 2012


I come from the depth of your being – of each one of you who is reading this Message now, and who chose to follow the right direction and move forward – the direction towards the Supreme reality and eternal values, the direction towards the continuation of the evolution – your own and of the entire earthly humankind! Because when you can save the Living Life of your lifestream, and you become a point between the worlds, conducting the Divine Light in your dense material world, then you are working directly to accomplish your mission of saving the human race and its transition to the New world of the New Divine Order.

However, to save your lifestream more easily, it will be useful if you can ask a question at any time when an issue arises and have someone to ask and to know that the answer will be right and the best for you and your case. The only one to whom you can turn at any time, knowing that it would take you straight to the Light, is your Higher I AM Presence.

That is why once again I remind you of the genuine possibility that each one of you has to communicate with your Higher I AM Presence. I want to encourage you and tell you that anyone who has sincerely tried this, has succeeded. It takes Perseverance and Faith.

Find time when you are calm, rested, and far from the vanity of the day, and every day in this most convenient time for you send your Divine Love to your Higher I AM Presence. It would be best to do it after you finish your daily service with the spiritual practice that you use when you have elevated your consciousness at the most to the Higher spheres. Remain silent, relaxed, with eyes closed and point your inner eye, and direct all the Divine Love that you are capable of at this moment into the depths of your heart where your Higher I AM Presence is anxiously waiting for you to turn to him. Share with him what you think is the most important – your joys, sorrows and pains, thank him for the help and ask him to help you in the future, too.

Ask him what the reason is for a particular thing to happen in your life – the thing that troubles you most at the moment, and ask him what is best to do in each individual case, from the Divine point of view. Imagine the progress of the situation in a few different versions, depending on the decisions you would make. Feel what your heart tells you when you imagine the first version, and then the second, and perhaps a third one. Observe yourself carefully – precisely in which variant of the progress of the problematic situation you feel better because of the decision you would eventually take. In which one you feel relieved, and your soul rejoices? And when was it painful for your soul or you felt any negative feelings?

If you lack the feeling of joy and relief in any of your alternatives, then you can remain calm for a few more minutes without thinking about the situation anymore. Thank your Higher I AM Presence, radiate Divine Love towards him, and while you do so, an entirely new solution to your situation may appear in your consciousness – an option which it could be the best for you because it will be given to you by your Higher I AM Presence.

In case you are without any feelings regarding any of the options, there may still be time until the best and most precise moment for you comes to resolve this situation, even though at this moment you might think otherwise. It is meaningless to give you instructions at that point, as in the meantime, many things could change. In this case, it is better for you to be patient and to accept everything as it is.

Each situation is different. Therefore, it would be good to ask your Higher I Am Presence to help you enhance the Gift of differentiation within you. Ask him for help in developing Acceptance, Patience and Humility. Then, it would be much easier for you to communicate with him and to understand the hint he wants to give you.

Do this every day and always thank your Higher I AM Presence that helps you and through different sensations and other tips he points you the right direction in which to go when deciding how to proceed in life in the best way from God’s point of view.

Be in Joy because of this communication and in Divine Love towards your Higher I AM Presence, without having any expectations about when and whether you will finally hear his answer in yourself right after you ask your question. When you are without any expectations and just enjoy the contact, in whatever degree it is realised, one wonderful day you will be surprised when you receive a direct response to your recent monologue.

The fewer expectations you have in this direction and the purer your motive is for the realisation of your relationship with your Higher I AM Presence, the faster it will happen. Always approach with the right motive as this guarantees you that you are connected to your Higher I AM Presence, and he is answering to you, not your ego!

The only right motive for connection with your Higher I AM Presence is to ask for his help for your successful progress on the Path towards the summit of Divine consciousness – known to you also as the Rose Path, the White Path, the Path of Initiations, so that you could be even more fully in Service for the well-being of the Living Life!

All of you who read these Messages and feel their truth with your heart were born here and now precisely for this – to be in Service of the Living Life, conducting as much Divine Light as possible wherever you are, being in Joy!