Time to choose

Lord Gautama Buddha in the presence and with the help of Beloved Pallas Athena

15 May 2012

I AM Gautama Buddha

I came today with a Message in which I will repeat something very important.

I came today with a Message through which I will give you much!

I came to infuse new strength in every one of you, who has already made its choice in favour of its evolutionary development and Service to the Common Good.

And I came to strengthen your Faith that you follow the right Path – the Path leading to eternal Life, and not to fall into oblivion for the eternity that is coming.

Congratulations! I joyfully congratulate all of you and I assure you that you have the full support of the Heavens in your life from now on. Whenever you ask for our help, it will be given to you. For your protection that you stay on the Path in the times that are coming, was granted all the necessary energy! And this is the news that I brought to you!

Everyone who made the choice to move forward on the Path of evolution, denying his ego, and striving for the good of the entire planet and life on it, will be able to take advantage of this great Divine Grace for help and support from above to the maximum extent. And I'm sure that many of you have already felt actually our help in the past few months.

This assistance is given to you when you clearly and categorically stated/declared within you your desire and intention to Serve God first, before everything else in the world of illusion, and also to abide/follow the Divine Laws in your life. In order to receive this help you also need to treat with love and respect every living creature and to accept everything in your life without condemnation.

And another thing – after you have declared to God your intention to Serve in favour of the Common Good and to comply with/fulfil/respect the Divine Laws, it is necessary that you support this every day in practice. Then you will be given the whole strength and power of the Heavens to fulfil this intention and also to fulfil the standing in front of you obligations and tasks on the material plane.

And now I turn to all those who have not yet made their choice - whether to put in first place in your life the welfare of all Living beings, or will choose to care mostly and primarily for your own well-being in the materiality. I give this issue so much attention mainly because of you and return to it again while you still may have a choice.

I want to tell you that the time to make that choice is getting shorter with every day and will expires. And this is the most important decision you are making now. It concerns not only this your life, but the live of your whole lefestream. The whole evolution, you have gone from a single-celled organism to the present moment and all the experience, knowledge and Divine qualities, which you have acquired are called into question whether they will be erased and you will start again in entirely different worlds where life is just beginning to develop from the lowest level of the evolution, or you will get the opportunity to move forward along with the entire planet Earth and Life on it, which have successfully tuned up and develop in accordance with the preordained by the Creator Path. All this depends on your decision now. And even more – the successful further development of all humankind depends on each of your decisions at any moment!

Yes, the degree of favourability of the events through which all of you are going to pass depends on the choices of each individual now!

The time has come for you to be responsible!

The time has come for you to be wise!

The time has come for you to be determined!

And I give/convey you now the necessary impulse for all this!

I AM Lord Gautama Buddha gave this Message in the presence and with the help of Beloved Pallas Athena


© Rositsa Avela

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