I invoke you to act!

Master Morya

16 May 2012

I AM Master Morya. I have come again through our Messenger to confirm to you and strengthen in your consciousness the knowledge about the importance of this period of transition, in which you are living now, and your understanding that it is carried out in the direction preordained by the Heavenly Father. Your participation in it is a mandatory element of the ongoing changes, and according to the direction of your participation, the degree of easiness or difficulty will manifest in achieving the final result.

That is why I came today to remind you of the means with the use of which it will be easier for you to go through the coming times. And this means is the level of your consciousness. The higher the level of your consciousness, the easier it will be for you in the future.

Keep your consciousness elevated and reside with the constant understanding that whatever happens is the best for everyone at the moment. The time is coming when the Higher I AM Presences of many of the people embodied now will begin to wake them up and incite them to actions towards the salvation of their souls. And to understand me better, I will give you an example.

You know how loving mothers wake up their children in the morning to go to school – at first, they gently and tenderly touch them and call them to open their eyes, and then nudge them more seriously and slightly raise their voice. Sometimes the child says that he has woken up and is getting up, and the mother leaves the room and lets him prepare himself on his own, teaching him to be responsible and independent. But if silence comes from the children’s room, after a few minutes, she enters his room again, because for her words and given promises are less important than actions and primarily their final result – in our example – going to school.

Therefore, when re-entering the room, her tone is already strict, and she may even take up direct action to awaken the child, as he has fallen asleep again peacefully, and also to make him get up very quickly and prepare for school. There is less time for preparation, and procrastination makes the successful completion of the set objective less likely to happen. So, she immediately throws away the soft blanket from the comfortable bed and shakes the child once more firmly, her tone is strict, and it is even possible that she warns him that if he stays in bed, cold water will be poured on his face.

Now, imagine that the child needs to be awakened to go on his matriculation exam upon which depends to a large degree the completion of his education at this level and also whether and where he can continue his studies later to become successful in life. What do you think the loving parent will do in such a case? I will tell you – the parent’s determination and the means taken for the awakening will be directly proportional to the importance of the moment.

And if at this time, there is another child in the children's room, a brother or sister of the sleepyhead, and the sibling has woken up and already prepared for school, or he/she is too young to go to school but hears the quarrel, and his heart shrinks from pity for the sleepy brother or sister and begins to beg their parent to stop tormenting him, how would you judge in this situation? You see that all of them – both the sibling and the parent, are right for themselves from the level of consciousness each of them has reached.

After all, everything depends on the level of consciousness, and we repeat it for you in each of our Messages – how important it is to elevate your consciousness. Because then you will look at the events of life from a completely different point of view. The higher your consciousness is elevated, the more you are going to realise that this moment is particularly important and even critical for most lifestreams inhabiting the planet now. And what should the Higher Self of each of these individuals do if they are sweetly and soundly sleeping in the dream of the illusion? He is ready to undertake all possible measures because this is about life itself, rather than a failed exam and a lower quality of life.

Our example is now about the parent who realises that the house is very old, and it is about to collapse at any moment, and if the child stays in bed, he will perish!

Now, imagine in this possibly most critical case, when the parent shakes the child with all his strength so that he stands up, but the child is sick and lacks the strength to get up. What would the parent do then? He will try to get him out of the house himself, and if he is unsuccessful, he will cry out for help from the outside and will be ready to shout loud and accept support from anyone who responds to his call for help! Imagine something else – the parent knows that there is a new, beautiful home, prepared and waiting for them, where they can live happily, only if now, in the most critical moment, the child is saved and remains alive.

What do you think the Higher I AM Presences of most people living on Earth are doing at the moment? Are they waiting passively while the old house is facing collapse, and no one knows how long the house will last? I will tell you – they are doing and are willing to do anything for the survival of the lifestream and for the successful continuation of its development forward along the Path of the evolution. And when they see that it is difficult for them to manage on their own, then they make a call for help at the subtle level. That is why we tell you that now all the Forces of Light are ready to help, and they do help for the survival of the human race.

However, this help refers to the salvation of your souls, and if you raise your consciousness, you will understand the Divine Mercy and Compassion. If you look from the level of the just awakened sibling, you will be watching with horror and pity at what is happening to your loved ones, and you will try to help them with your best intentions, but in the least appropriate way, even interfering with their real, but painful Liberation and Salvation:
blue-dotLiberation from their ego, Liberation from the negative karmic records, which as heavy chains keep them bed-ridden in the collapsing house of the old and outgoing world, and
blue-dotSalvation of their souls and their whole lifestream. And this is the most important and the only important thing that has to be saved and which can continue to develop, grow and live in the next thousands and thousands of years of the New Era that is coming.

So, I came to help you elevate your consciousness and understanding of what is beginning to happen, and what is coming. And this is everyone’s final battle with his ego, with the animal within man, so that he becomes God-man of the New Order, of the Golden Age. It is also karmic purification of everyone individually, of whole nations and countries, and humanity as a whole.

Large-scale purification of karma on all levels is coming, and this is the competitive exam for entry of humanity into the Golden Age.

So I call upon you – act courageously!

Join the ranks of those who are already awake and are helping for the survival of the human race. The work is hard but worth every single Soul saved! You will work, and the opposite side will be angry at you, because life as it is now, in the illusion of all the sleeping ones around you, will start to collapse. So act without expecting gratitude from your fellowmen.

I have come to invoke you to enhanced work in spirituality. This will allow you to achieve and maintain the highest possible degree of awareness that will lead you to unity with the Divine Consciousness.

Then you will continue to act and will be in the Joy because of all that happens, no matter how horrific it may seem to the external human consciousness. Because you will be filled with Divine Mercy and Compassion.

Conduct the Divine Light into your world every day, all the time, everywhere, wherever you are, and especially when you invite, sincerely wish and ask for the salvation of every Living Soul.

Act with the whole Faith that you have in the greatness and perfection of the Providence of the Father, and ask for help all the Heavenly Forces of Light for the entire Earth and the Living Life on it.

And the more you ask, the more you are going to receive because that is the decree of time, and being in incarnation, when you are sufficiently conscious, and you are asking help for all, it comes Divinely multiplied.

Give your Divine energy for the welfare of the whole Creation of the Father, and the entire Creation will respond to your call, and the impossible will become possible, and you will witness the creation of a new, Divine reality.

Just aspire yourself and act courageously, with all your strength and with all your Divine Love! The whole Creation is united, and you are part of this unity. That is why the more strength and energy you put into your work in spirituality, the more strength and energy will be given to you, but Divinely multiplied, and they will come both to you and for all Living beings around you.

The more Divine Love you give to the Whole, the more Divine Love will pour over you and into you. It will be pouring so much that you will find it difficult to hold it in yourself, so you will flood with it your whole dark illusory world until everything illusory is transformed, and the shell of all negative energies and layers which envelop the Earth and the earthly humankind break, and all of them are converted into Light!


I invoke you to act!

Conduct the bright, Divine Light of the New Day in your world so that it comes more easily and painlessly for as many Souls as possible!

I AM Master Morya