Every day is important! Every instant is important!

Lord Sanat Kumara

25 September 2012

Lord Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara

I have come today to give my Message to the human race of the Earth.

You know that a lot of thousands of years ago, I stood up for earthly humanity at the Supreme Cosmic Council of the Great Central Sun. I stood up for it not to be erased as incapable for further development, and to give it a chance to continue its evolution.

Then with me on the planet Earth volunteers came to help – Beings of Light, not only representatives of the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray of Venus, but also representatives of other evolutions in the universe, who have reached a fairly high level of development, but different for each of them. All of them remained to incarnate on the planet in support of the earthly humanity until the moment in which it will become capable to go alone forward and upward the spiral of the evolution.

Most of them are now again in embodiment on Earth. Some are still asleep, while others, though conscious, are so immersed in the swamp of the dense material world, that either cannot be in full Service, or are not able to be in Service of the Common Good at all. And those who serve God, they do it in extremely difficult conditions and an increasing reaction of the forces of the illusion.

They are those who solicit through their Service and achievements the new Divine Mercies for all the people on this planet. They are mainly those who strive to create as far as they can the Divine patterns in all areas of life, where they are. These Divine patterns enter the collective unconscious of the human community, and thus give a chance for millions of people to follow them and to establish the new image of life, the only possible one in the era of the New Order, which has already begun.

Few of them are in full Service to God and thanks to their collaboration with other Beings of Light from the higher etheric octaves the balance of the planet Earth is supported.

And now I have come to the essence of my Message. I have come to call all of you who read these lines. I urge you to help my loyal helpers who are now embodied on the planet. They are next to you. You may not even notice them, but they are there! They pray for all of you, they work for the good of the whole world!

I call upon every soul, in which burns the Divine Fire, to help them and to help all the other Light souls! I urge all of you to help each other in these times now and the times that are coming!

Everyone awakened and striving toward God is extremely valuable now! He/She is conductor of the Divine Light into your world and helps in the implementation of the Providence of our Father.

Therefore, all of you be constantly awake! Be conscious! Be in Joy and Love! Be harmonious and peaceful! And constantly follow the Divine Laws!

My beloved, you can do all of this! You should help each other, so that it would not be that hard for you, or should I say, be much easier for you! Because the more of you are able to serve God better, the more Divine Mercies can be given for all!

Every day during your Ministry you can start giving a little part of your energy in support of the Mission of all Bright souls incarnated on Earth right now! And the more time you can spend in the most elevated state of your consciousness, conducting the Divine energies into your world, the easier it will be to all of you, who are aspired towards God. And the easier it will be for all of us to help you out from the subtle worlds and guide you in building of the New Life.

Your future, the future of the whole human race and the planet Earth is in your hands – in your determination and perseverance!

Every day is important! Every instant is important!

I give you now the momentum of the Success!

I AM Sanat Kumara



© Rositsa Avela

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