Life is easy, life is a song, with God in the hearts and with help from the Heavens!

Beloved Jesus

28 September 2012

Beloved Jesus

I AM Jesus

I have come today with a special feeling of joy and lightness in my heart because the Divine Possibility to communicate with you is open again, this time through our other Messenger. Thanks to this, you receive again the unique opportunity to communicate with us and to bathe your bodies with Divine Unction

You should proceed to read each of the Messages that we give you, as toward holiness! Because each Message is sanctified by the Divine energies of the higher Heavenly octaves. It is saturated with them, and when you read it with Joy and Faith, with Love and Respect toward the Master who has given it and toward the Messenger who has received it, it becomes possible for these energies to flow into your bodies. These energies also have knowledge encoded in them. And when you are ready and have reached a certain section of the Path, the access to this knowledge, to these energies in your bodies, which you have carried so far in yourself, will automatically be opened and you will become more knowledgeable and capable, without even feeling it.

But until then it is necessary that every day you take care of the elevation of your consciousness. Also take care of your purity – purity in all aspects – purity of thoughts, feelings, words, deeds, purity of all your bodies. Clean your bodies from the karma, from the fears, from everything that is negative in you.

I have come to tell you once again something that has already been said many times, but it is important. Each Master, coming to you, is ready to give something new, but also to repeat the old again, if he sees that there is a need. And I now see the state of your bodies. The bodies of most of you are soiled, my beloved, and your chakras – as well.

How does a good housewife approach the dishes in her home? Every day she washes them, cleans and wipes, and every time while cooking, she is careful not to burn the pot!

Imagine she was very tired and fell asleep, without locking the door to her home, and slept for a long time. And while she was asleep, someone got inside with muddy boots and made himself at home, and burned food in the pots, and left the dishes unwashed, and then reused them again repeatedly without washing them! And suddenly something happened that awakened her, and she sees what has happened in her home.

Could she at once clean her home and the dishes and put everything away? Will the pots shine immediately after the first wash with warm water and soap?

She must begin gradually, but with particular determination and consistency to bring order and cleanliness everywhere in the home. One by one. First one pot, and even for it it may take her a long time if it is badly burned and a thick black layer covers the whole bottom. Then it will be a great scrub, regardless of what dishwashing liquid she will use, won’t it? And most likely it will be necessary first to soak the pot for a while. Perhaps she would have to try out different ways of cleaning, if she sees that neither the first nor the second, nor the third give the result.

She will succeed only if she continues to work diligently and patiently. Day after day. And it will be much easier for her, when she stops regretting what has happened, and thanks God with Love, and sings while working!

And the most important is to make the decision to stay awake! And when time comes to retire to rest, she has to take care of the protection of her home in advance, to keep out unwanted visitors, so they won’t soil it again.

A lot of work awaits you, my beloved, and I came to encourage you and support you, and to counsel you as your loving older brother.

Either way, your cleaning awaits you, but you could help each other, gathering together and clearing one house today, and another one – tomorrow. When you are together it is merrier and the work is lighter. When a few, gathered in My name, ask for help from Heavens, Mighty Power comes to you, and it is given to you!

The more you are who have already cleaned your homes and help others, the faster every next home will be cleaned because you are getting more and more, because you are strong, united and you work in Joy! And also because when you ask for help for others, you are given Strength and Power to withstand all the loads, without even getting too tired!

I know you understand exactly what I'm talking about and what I have taught you today.

I AM Jesus and I give you from my Strength and Love now, to be strong and to be able to finish your work, and while you are working to have a Love for God and for each other!



© Rositsa Avela

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