I have come to inspire Hope in you and help you!

The Most Holy Mother of God

29 September 2012

I AM the Most Holy Mother of God, and I have come to embrace all of you, my dear children of Light, and give out to you from my Love! I have also come to share with you my joy that I will be able to feel the Divine Love of all of you that you will send to me in response to my Love, which I motherly bathe you with now!

The more of you read this Message of mine and send me your Divine Love, and the more often you reread it, and again and again, you send me your Divine Love, the more it will be Divinely multiplied, and I will return it to you, again and again, increased many times!

You see, my beloved, how easy and simple it is! How wonderful it is! And the support it gives you in life!

Reading this Message of mine and the Love that we will exchange while reading it may be helpful to you whenever you need help. I have come to breathe Hope in you and to tell you what you could do when it is particularly difficult for you.

Just close your eyes and imagine my image and keep sending me your Divine Love! Or stand in front of one of my images or take it in your hands and look at it – at the one that is your favourite, and send me your Divine Love while you are looking at it!

And then give me your sorrows and worries, tell me everything about it in your mind, and then just stop thinking about your problems. Leave them in the hands of God! Give them the opportunity to transmute into the Divine Light and Divine Love that flow between our hearts – mine and yours.

And when you stop thinking about everything that worries you, imagine how I strew you with fragrant rose petals. They touch you and gently caress you. And along with their touch and aroma around you, the vibration of the Divine world, which I am bringing to you at this moment, spreads around you.

Relax and feel the tenderness that I give you, and the Love and Freedom.

The freedom to decide to stop grieving, feeling deprived and unhappy.

The freedom to feel happy, joyful, peaceful and calm because I am always with you!

God is with you! All the Forces of Light guard and protect you and help you along your path as long as you desire to follow the Path to God and ask for help for that! And as long as you also send your Gratitude and Divine Love to all the Forces of Light!

Thus, you will begin to glow and shine, illuminated by the inner Fire of the Divine Light!

Give this Light to all Living beings! And your problem will be solved in a moment when you stop thinking about it and begin to think about the Well-being of the Living Life! And it will be solved in the best way for you! And one more thing – your Light will help many other people in whom the Divine fire is burning to solve their problems in the best way from God’s point of view.

Therefore, my beloved, let us work together and spread the Light and Divine Love throughout the Earth, and pour it over all Living beings!

I Bless you for it! I Bless each of you who begins this so important work of yours now!

And I will Bless you for it every day!

I AM the Most Holy Mother of God