Bravely step forward toward the New Day!

Master Saint Germain

30 September 2012

I AM Saint Germain!

I am with you again, and this time I have come with the news that in the days between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox, the planet Earth has successfully tuned in and harmonised with the new energies that are typical for the next level to which it passed in the days after the spring equinox.

It has already been brought to your external consciousness that a decision has been made that the processes of transition through which the planet passes and all the Living beings with it will happen in leaps – with light but constantly following one after another jump transits to a higher and higher level of vibrations.

And this is already happening, ladies and gentlemen, and it is happening successfully.

So, now I announce to you the following news that in the days of the autumnal equinox, during the meetings of the Karmic Board, there was another transition to a new vibrational level.

Many Beings of Light take care that the planet is well, and for the next few months, they will try again to ease its tuning processes to the new energies and vibrations. They also take care of all the Living beings that inhabit the planet, except for people.

You will ask what the reason is for humanity as a whole to remain without help, and I will reply to you immediately. This is so because every human being is endowed with free will, and at present, most of the humanity strives with all its strength the more the vibration of the planet rises, the more to lower its vibration in various ways and methods of the rich arsenal of the illusion. Thus, it expresses its free will, which is respected by all Beings of Light!

Therefore, the Mercy of the Heavens is really great, beloved, to all of you who seek God, and this Mercy is manifested as the Divine Opportunity for you to receive and read our Messages. Because they give you the necessary information about what is happening on Earth now. They also give you all the Knowledge which you need now. Knowledge that is both in the words of the Message – in its text, as well as woven between the lines – in the energy body of the Message.

When you accept this Knowledge and begin to implement our recommendations, you will have all the chances to succeed in going through the years of the Transition to the New Age. Furthermore, you will be able to successfully tune in with each change and elevation of the vibrations of the planet. Because through our Messages, you receive information and knowledge, but also the energy that you need to deal with what is already happening, and what lies ahead.

We are doing everything we can to help you. And I repeat once again that receiving the Messages is a great Divine Mercy for the earthly humanity. They are intended precisely for this stage of your development, and for their transmission and receiving a considerable amount of precious Divine energy is used, and our Messenger is under exceptional load!

However, all this is worth, beloved, because the Messages give you the advantage of the knower against the ignorant, the capable against the powerless, and the sighted against the blind!

Being in the knowledge, you are given the opportunity to express your free will in the right direction, the only one that saves your souls and gives you Eternal Life. You may decide to keep your consciousness constantly elevated. You may decide to do work in spirituality every day by doing your ministries, aimed in favour of the Living Life, with Joy, and not under compulsion, only because you understood that this helps you to survive in the coming times.

The Messages give you the opportunity to express your free will also by asking the Higher Octaves of Light for help. Then all the Heavens will help you constantly – every day, every moment. You will be carried through the most difficult parts of your Path to the top of Divine Consciousness when more and more negative karmic records start to pop out of your bodies one after another to be worked off. It will also be possible to help you in the periods after each jump of the planet to a new, higher level of vibration.

As long as you have Faith in God and Divine Love towards His whole Creation in your hearts, and expect with Faith and Hope the coming of Tomorrow’s Day of the New Order! The New Order of the Golden Age!

Bravely step forward toward the New Day!

All of you, when you are in God and observe the Divine Commandments and Laws, and when you serve wholeheartedly to God, you are entirely and completely protected!

All the Beings of Light and I take care of it!

I AM Saint Germain