A useful talk

Beloved Koot Hoomi

2 October 2012

Beloved Koot Hoomi

I AM Koot Hoomi

I have come today to talk to you again. In my previous Message, I have broadened your understanding of what happens when you abuse your sexual energy, the harm from watching TV and listening to non-divine music was explained to you earlier and what happens then.

Now I will tell you what happens when you eat meat and you consume alcohol, tobacco and other intoxicating substances.

In all these cases you sharply lower your vibrations and level of consciousness, and this leads to a decrease in your immunity and increased morbidity. When you are ill you cannot be positive and in joy, or take right from the Divine perspective decisions in your life. You are doomed to sink more and more into the swamp of the illusion. Not only your physical bodies are sick. They get sick because before that your subtle bodies have been damaged and you have lost your Divine attunement. You also foredoom your children, when you raise them by living this way and in such an environment.

Now I will tell you in more detail what happens when you eat meat.

Each animal at the subtle level feels when it is going to be killed and in the last seconds of its life produces large amounts of a substance that makes the meat one of the most dangerous poisons which you could take. That's because along with that substance deposited in the meat, which destroys the health of your physical body, you also get its energy component, namely the energy and vibration of the fear – strong, animal fear of the death! It enters into your subtle bodies and becomes part of your being and predestines many of your choices and actions in life in the future. If you look closer at your friends, you will find that the biggest meat lovers are also the most cowardly people you know, having all sorts of energy blockages and complexes!

Furthermore, due to its low vibration, the energy component of the meat nourishes your illusionary nature, your ego. This is what makes you want to eat meat again and again.

All these 'charms' of your civilisation, which are advertised widely by the mass media – watching TV, listening to not-divine music, sexual 'freedom', the use of meat, tobacco, alcohol and other intoxicating substances, bring you into a vicious circle which is very difficult to leave. Getting into it, every human being who is a carrier of the Divine energy, becomes a donor for the astral entities of various kinds which have renounced God, and only through your energy, deftly feeding on it when you are under the influence of the above mentioned, as well as other addictions, may they continue to exist longer – as long as you decide to allow them to feed on you, at your expense.

This is the reason why the forces of the illusion are constantly trying to inflame and increase your desire for pleasures and enjoyment in life. And then you and your children are the ones who become barren, sick and incapable to creative work. I am talking not only about the present incarnation but also about your and their subsequent incarnations.

That's why I came today to give you the impulse to free yourself – those of you who wish to, from these instruments of death! Death not only of your physical bodies, but also of your subtle bodies.

The choices that each person makes in these times are choices for the continuation of your existence at all. It is a matter of choosing eternal life and continuation of the evolution, or the involution and erasing the lifestream as a whole. It is a matter of choosing to be in Purity and Freedom from all that is negative in you, and trying to keep your consciousness elevated to the maximum, giving possibility to God to reside permanently in your temple, and living with the first thought for the Common Good, instead of choosing to make your own life comfortable and your existence in this your incarnation wonderful, because it could be your last!

The time for this choice is almost over!

And this is the most important thing I have come to tell you today!

I AM Koot Hoomi