Let the Divine Wisdom, the Divine Love and the Divine Power reside in you and guide you in your choices and actions from now on

Master Morya

3 October 2012

Master Morya

I AM Master Morya

I have come to announce the end of the cycle of Messages that we have given to you in the days after the autumn equinox. Through them you received some useful and timely guidance. Using them, you could successfully continue to follow the Path in the times that are coming.

All Messages that we give you could be useful to you when you read them over and over again with great Love, and when you ask us, the Ascended Beings of Light, to help you, so that you can apply them in your life. Reading and application – this is the formula that will open the possibility for you to more fully benefit from the useful effect of the Message embedded in it.

I have also come to inform you that the answers we give to some of the questions received on the website of this our Messenger, are also Messages through which we give you our Teaching. They are published for this very reason – because they are for all of you. These are answers to questions that more or less concern many of you, beloved, being in this embodiment of yours on the planet Earth.

The opportunity to ask questions that arise during your advance on the Path, as well as getting the answers that we give you, is a part of the program, decreed by Presence of the One, our Father, at the time of the creation of the UNIFICATION site. However, so far very few answers have been received because of the purely material and domestic issues that hinder this our Messenger to work more efficiently and at the full capacity she has. I want to tell you that her work currently does not reach even half the capabilities for work that she has.

Such is the situation at the moment.

The care for the financial assurance of our Messenger at any time of her embodiment is yours, beloved, and it should not be repeated to you in each subsequent cycle of Messages. I can feel and I know how unpleasant and uncomfortable it is for her to receive these words of mine and to post them on the site. We have even tried several times to speak to you on this topic, but she refused to receive these texts, and one Message has been received and still hasn’t been posted on the site yet. That's why after I told you all this, we will not talk on this topic any more. What has been said is enough and it is part of the Message that I am giving you now. Its application is in your hands. And each of you will choose how to express his/her free will from now on.

Still, I would like to tell you something more on the discussed topic. This situation is very unfortunate. We see how Rositsa with all her humility accepts the situation as it is. But actually in the end you are the losing party. And this is even more unfortunate. And it's not only unfortunate; it is absurd that we give you all you need in all the key moments of time, and you do not provide what our Messenger needs!

Everything we give you as help with all our Love is very valuable and could help you in all circumstances of life, as long as you take full advantage of it. After all, how much and what you will receive from now on depends on you– on the application of the Teaching that we give you, and on the constant care and support that you give to the Messenger through who our Words and help come to all of you!

I Bless you the Divine Wisdom, the Divine Love and the Divine Power to reside in you and guide you in your choices and actions from now on.

I AM Master Morya