Continuation of the Teaching of Healing

Lord Jesus

6 November 2012

I AM Jesus, and I have come to say more and expand your understanding of the topic of Healing.

As I already explained to you, when an ill person goes to a Healer
blue-dotand believes that he can be healed,
blue-dotand asks for healing,
he gets enough energy charge through the Healer, who has a Mantle of Healer given from the Above and is relieved from the negative energy accumulated in him, which the Healer takes and transforms through his chakras.

In addition, while he is in the energy field of the Healer, this person also receives the rearrangement of this energy coming in his aura, which is a mandatory condition for healing. This rearrangement of the received energy charge of pure and radiant energy happens through repentance, when:
blue-dotfirst – the Healer has indicated to the person where he has gone wrong,
blue-dotthe person has realised what he has done wrong
blue-dotand asks for forgiveness from God,
blue-dotand decides to stop making this mistake in the future.

Only then the rearrangement of this energy, obtained from the Healer and obtained through the Healer from God, is done in the correct way.

Why is it said that this is a must for healing? Because without performing this rearrangement, this proper arrangement in the stream of the energy flow which is carried out on the energy lines – channels in which energy flows, the healing is illusionary.

Every person is a small version of the Earth, and the lines through which energy flows in the aura are the same as the parallels and the meridians of the planet. The Divine energy which a person receives runs through them in a different order. In each parallel and meridian different energy flows, with a different speed and in a different direction.

And if a person has caused a distortion of the energies which run in his aura, which happened as a consequence of a breach of any of the Divine Commandments or a Divine Law, this leads to blocking of one of the chakras, the energy there slows its movement or stops flowing. The Energy flow can even be reversed and change its direction of movement opposite to the normal direction of rotation.

In a case when the energy begins to flow in the opposite direction, the person is still physically healthy, bodily, but he stops receiving, being charged directly with Divine energy, but he receives it taking it from other people. Then he feels healthy and strong in body, but not spiritually because the connection with the Spirit is interrupted. These are cases of energy deficiency.

This disease may be only in one ray and only for a given quality in which the distortion and violation of the Divine Law occurred. Accordingly, energy supply is needed there. And with different illusory manifestations exactly on this ray, the ill person causes people to be irritated or bored by him, and he also uses a variety of other techniques so that he can receive energy from them. And on other rays he may be well. Such people are physically healthy. That is why some people wonder and say: 'This person does such bad things, and yet he/she is really healthy and is healthier than anyone else'.

There is still a salvation for those souls who have distortions, and such withdrawal of energy from other people occurs, but only on one or some of the rays, if they repent and in this way, the vector of the energy flow in them changes. Because such a person is healthy, but only in body, and his soul is suffering, since his aura is not whole. Mishaps will begin to happen with his relatives from whom he unduly takes the needed energy. That is why people say that the ill woman's husband died, or vice versa.

In other cases, if the energy flows properly, but there is distortion, or the energy is less than enough, or it flows slower, then the person gets diseases on the physical plane.

There is a third case when beings from the lower astral layers come in an embodiment as children who are born in families that break the Divine Moral Law. In such families, the energy of creation is little for a soul from the Higher Octaves to come into embodiment.

As you know, everything in your world is dual, and as Higher beings may come in a partial embodiment in families which comply with the Divine Moral Law and have a high level of consciousness, the opposite is possible too, and inferior beings from the astral may come in an embodiment in families which violate the Divine Commandments and Laws, even without having families, without marriage.

When such beings come in an embodiment, they may have an entirely reverse flow of energy, and these children can be very healthy and usually are very active. But what these children do since their birth and while growing, and after that as adults, is to destroy everything on their way. They like to torture animals, to cut down plants, to irritate other people. When they cause suffering, they feed on the suffering of others. They feed on the torment of the souls who are suffering.

And here there is a special mark of attention: they also feed on the energy of those who condemn them. The more people condemn their deeds, the better for them because they get attached to them and draw their energy.

That is why I told you before, and I tell you again: 'Stop condemning!' In the time you live, this is extremely saving!

Work on Buddha consciousness. See things, notice them, be alert and vigilant, but remain in balance, without condemning. Accept things as they are. And when each of you accepts things as they are, without pain, for example, for the decaying nature, for the animals killed by hunters, and all the suffering in the world is accepted, when you stop having negative feelings, then you will stop giving your energy to the illusion which withdraws it and feeds on it. And then the illusion will go away, and these manifestations will disappear.

You know that when a child starts to make foolish things and embarrass his parents in front of people if his parents stop paying whatever attention, he will stop. And vice versa, the more attention his parents pay to him and worry, and scold him, the more the child goes violent. In the same way, all negative manifestations of the illusion will disappear if all of you, all the people on the planet who are conductors of the Divine Light in this world, stop giving your energy into the illusion! It will go away, and life on the planet will be changed.

It depends on all of you – on every person at the moment who is a bearer of Light, how and how quickly life will be changed in a favourable direction.

If a person starts to be physically or mentally ill, because the soul may also be ill and is without access to a Healer, he himself can do what is necessary to be healed
blue-dotwhen he repents
blue-dotand humbly asks forgiveness from the Father for his wrong choices and deeds, for everything that he has done wrong, and
blue-dotwhen he asks for healing from the Above his Divine Father and his Teacher in the Heavenly Octaves of Light, and his Higher I AM Presence.

Besides, everyone who reads our Messages, Guidance and answers to your questions about your advance in spirituality and feels Respect, Gratitude and Divine Love to the Ascended Beings of Light who give them, and also to the Messenger who receives them, receives the necessary energy charge and help from Above to fill his energy deficit and to rearrange the flow of energies and their movement to be correct. Such a person is healed spiritually, and then after some time, his physical temple is restored as if by itself.

But when this happens, the people closely related to this person, who are in such a morbid condition, in what he was until recently, and who are connected with him, and who up to this moment used his energy, are deprived of this possibility because energy begins to flow properly in his aura, and his Divine protection is built again. The closely related to the healed begin to suffer from energy deficiency and become either physically ill or mentally out of balance and become irritable. The healed person may do everything correctly, and his close ones may be irritated, become short-tempered, nervous, jealous... All other negative deeds may increase, which additionally aim to destroy the balance of their healed relative so that they can be attached to him again, and unduly draw from his energy.

All Living beings on the planet of all kingdoms are linked at the field level and are charged with Divine energy. People are also connected with each other and with all the rest in a single whole. Those who are in God are protected, their auras are whole and are charged with the Divine Energy which flows in this common grid. This is the Light grid of the planet and of all Living beings on it. It is connected with other planets, too, with other forms of Life – everything is a single whole in the Universe.

But as I said above, everything is dual in your world. That is why the people who have broken access to Divine Energy and have let the illusion rule their temples and their energy through their past wrong actions, have a distortion of the energy grid and a distortion of the energy flow. All of these people also have an energy network built between them in which the energy taken from the light souls flows – from these souls who have a connection with God, but voluntarily give their Divine energy in the illusion through all the ways known and unknown to you.

And when such a light soul awakes and stops being a donor to that grid, a break opens in the place of the interruption of giving the energy. And the person who is most closely connected with the released one gets out of balance in some way. So mishaps happen in the family, at work, with the circle of friends..... Marriages break, the workplace is changed. Life is breaking as it was when it was under the control of the illusion. This is the Rose Road, which I spoke about before – a painful Road, a Road with thorns. And then the time comes when an opportunity is given after that for life to be built again but in the right way by the Divine perspective, with the correct people, this time in the Light Energy grid, and not in the grid of illusion!

And each person himself can be a healer when he turns to God for help, and begins to follow the Divine Commandments and Laws, and stops scattering his energy into the illusion. And when he gets close to someone who has a Mantle of a Healer or to our Messenger, then these processes are accelerated many times. Going to doctors and that 'healing' which they offer is only an illusion and a reinforcement of the illusion at the moment. Because money is given, and money is also part of your energy. It is useless to see doctors, medicine-men and wherever else when you are without repentance, gratitude and Divine Love to God for what is happening – for the disease, the suffering, for anything, and also without changing the way of life and getting rid of everything illusionary in it.

A person can go and see the doctor, can be treated by means of the modern medicine and recover, but only when he repents for his mistakes, when he has Gratitude and Divine Love toward God, and when he changes his way of life and starts following the Divine Commandments and Laws.

I AM Jesus, with all my Love to you, in whom the fire of the Living Life is burning, and awaiting you in the Light!