In Peace, Kindness and Harmony reside always!

Elohim Peace

23 March 2013

Hello, beloved children of Light! Today I come and turn to you with all my Love and bless you to be in Joy, harmonious and pacified now while you are reading my Message, and also in the future – always, every day and every hour. I bless you the state of peace to become your inherent state that you radiate from all your bodies, on all levels! And peace to act as a balm for all who are around you and who come in contact with you, regardless of when and where, and what the occasion is.

You can work off this state with the help of the Forces of Light, with my help. I give it to you at this moment to succeed. Because when you calm down and pacify, then your Divine essence comes to the fore. You manifest it, through it you make your decisions, and through it, you communicate with all Living Beings around – with people and you help them; with plants and animals and you help them; with God and you receive His help.

So, whenever you feel that tension or any negative or illusory condition begins to overwhelm you, still in its infancy, in the very beginning, your task is to stop, close your eyes and take your thoughts and feelings away from what provoked them and direct them to God. Direct them to me, too.

At that moment, you can immediately invoke me by saying the following mentally or aloud :

Beloved Elohim Peace, I … (the first name)
invoke you to help here and now!
Come into my temple and help me regain my composure!
May Your Peace become my Peace,
May Your Tranquillity become my Tranquillity,
May Your Joy, Kindness and Harmony become mine as well!
May all these bathe me so
that the vessel of my temple is overfilled,
and they burst forth gushing thereof to everybody around
and dissolve and eliminate the cause
which brought me into that state!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You, Beloved Elohim Peace, with all my heart and soul!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

When your negative or any other illusory state is just starting, it is much easier for you to succeed in stopping it than when you have been completely overwhelmed by it. Therefore, your main efforts, attention, and the awareness of your consciousness need to be focused in that direction. You have to consciously choose to stop being negative or in any other illusory state and to invoke me to help you to succeed faster and easier to return into a positive tune and elevated state of your consciousness again. To decide to be always in Peace, Kindness and Harmony!

Then, you need to do what is necessary to eliminate the root causes that provoke your negative and other illusory states – repent! Ask forgiveness from the Father and thank Him. Then step aside, withdraw and interrupt your involvement in the manifestation of the illusion that engages you in the negative and other illusory states.

You can do that, beloved! And that is only and solely your deed, an act of your free will. That is your decision to be in God every instant of this incarnation of yours in these transitional times.

When you work off your state of inner peace, then you can invite, sincerely wish and ask the Forces of Light to help so that it also covers those of your close ones, relatives, friends, neighbours, leaders, governors, compatriots and all people on planet Earth, in which the Divine fire is burning.

And then you begin mentally or aloud to bless them to reside in the state in which you are at the moment. Because in that moment of blessing, when you reside in a state of peace, you can pass it to them at the field level. Then they can receive your achievement, and it would become their achievement without them even knowing that.

And that is an entirely possible, very active and extremely good-fruitful Service of yours in favour of the Living Life.

You see again that that first and foremost, you need to work on yourself. And when you succeed, then turn the vector of your attention to all other Living Souls. Because only then you are able to help them. Everything else is just good intentions.

I am glad that I was able to convey to you these words of mine, which would be very useful for you if you decide to take advantage of them.

I Bless you at this moment, and I give you from my achievement of Peace to reach you so that you can feel it, it dissolves in all your bodies and fills you with such Joy and Happiness that you decide and strive to preserve it and protect it in all circumstances along your Path to the Father!

I AM Elohim Peace