Work every day and make your planet to shine like a bright star through your Light!

Lord Eliseya

25 March 2013

Today I have come to give a few tips for humankind on the planet Earth that could help you a lot in the transitional times in which you live now. They also will help me in carrying out my work on your successful passing through these times.

As you know from my first Message*, given to this humankind, I AM coming extremely rare on the planet Earth, only when it is in a state of Transition, as it is now.

During my previous comings almost nobody listened to my words, and it so happened that my name has not yet been (carried over)/(handed down) by any single previous epoch, to the next that has been entered.

Now I come back to help, and I hope this time my name will remain in the memory of generations who will live in the New Age, which would mean that this humankind has (moved on)/(passed in) it in a more favourable Path! That it managed to preserve its best achievements and transfer them to the New Age, instead of having to start everything from the beginning.

And so I begin.

First, what is necessary is that you saturate your planet with more Divine Light from the higher octaves, as coming from the Great Central Sun I see the darkness in which it drowned/felled/sank. I also see how little lights shine from the open chakras of some of the people who inhabit the planet at this time.

Therefore, allocate more time to work in spirituality! Make sure you get silence, peace, remain quiet! In this state direct your consciousness to God, to the higher spheres and radiate your Gratitude and Love to them and to all the Beings of Light who inhabit them. At this time the flame, your inner fire is flares up much stronger and you become able to conduct more Light from the Higher octaves.

Saturate the planet with it, so that this Light can reach all the Living beings. Work every day and make your planet to shine like a bright star through your Light!

The second important thing that can be helpful and useful to you and that I recommend with all my seriousness is to sing! Yes, beloved, to sing. Sing aloud and with all your heart! But sing songs of thanksgiving, songs of praise, directed towards Heavens. And while you're singing them let Joy, Gratitude and Love pours out from your hearts, that you will direct towards the Higher spheres. This is a very powerful tool for attracting large amount of Divine energy – pure and radiant Light into your temples and your whole world – for the planet and everything Living on it. Because, while you sing the vibration of the sound of the melody merges with the Word of the lyrics of the song. And this combination is extremely powerful when the text is Divine and the music is Divine!

But be careful! Start singing only when you are in harmony and in a state of Peace and Calm. Otherwise, if you sing when you are dominated by the slightest irritation, for example, when singing under duress or out of obligation because someone causes you or ask you, and you mistakenly think it is better that you fulfil what is asked of you, rather than refuse, or you have taken an obligation to the Karmic Board to sing every day, but it so happens that one day you have no desire to sing** or you are sad, and some negative thoughts and feelings creep in you, then all the strength and power of your singing and your Divine energy woven into the song, as well as the additionally attracted through the singing Divine energy from the Higher octaves is directed toward the illusion, and nourishes it instead of Mother Earth and the Living Life!

That is why I would like to draw your attention to this point, and tell you that you have to sing after you are already in an elevated state of the Spirit! This occurs either spontaneously during the purest sense of Joy, or after you have done the spiritual practice that you use, regardless of what it is and what religion it belongs to, and after you have attuned to the Higher octaves. Then is the right moment to start singing with all your heart and all your soul. Then all the Heavens sing along with you! And you become a single entity with the Divine Creation.

The third thing you should do after you have finished the song and you are in the Joy, in the highest state of Joy, is to begin Blessing the whole world and the Living Life – the whole Divine Creation, the planet Earth and the Life on it, the whole of humanity, your people, relatives/your neighbours, and finally Bless yourself to reside more often in such an elevated state, and to maintain it in all remaining hours of the day. Then direct your Gratitude to Heavens and demand, sincerely wish and ask if it is God's Holy Will, that all the Forces of Light have joined your Blessings, so that it Divinely multiply its Power and Might!

The fourth thing you should do, and that is very good, is that you try to create something using this type of art that is closest to your heart at the moment. You can even compose a little verse, paint a little something, sing something short, whatever your wishes. The important thing is that it comes from you, from the innermost depths of your being! And before you begin to create, mandatory invoke your Higher I AM Presence to help, as well as Elohim Apollo, to be given to you Divine Inspiration to create a Divine pattern. And after you have invoked them, thank them with Love for this! Then you will truly Co-Create your work! This is the moment in which a Divine pattern from the Higher octaves of Light can be brought into your world, through you, through your temple.

When you create, being in Divine attunement, you are doubly helpful for the Common Good. Because, apart from the fact that you are creating a Divine pattern, in which you weave/put your Joy, Gratitude and Love that will reach everyone who comes into contact with it later, in the process of creation your creative energy becomes multiplied in Divine way, the energy of Creation, and increases the creative principle in you. Thus, little by little, day after day, you will give yourself the opportunity to transform yourselves into co-creators of the New Epoch/Age!

And the more often you accurately, qualitatively and fully apply everything I have told you so far, the smoother and more successful will run the processes of attunement of all your lower bodies to the changes that take place at this time everywhere on the whole planet. You will become worthy to go forward, and become the people of the New Order. People with transformed bodies and new, much larger Divine capabilities. This is entirely possible to be achieved by each one of you, who begin applying qualitatively in his/her life my words.

Through everything I have told you so far today, I have given you one of the keys to a successful transformation of all your bodies and your entrance into the New Order.

The fifth thing – after you finish with your creation, it is necessary that you try to keep this Divine tuning throughout the day. To stay for maximum time as long as possible in elevated consciousness and high vibrations. To be positive in Peace and Harmony, accepting with Gratitude what the new day brings you, and with Love to God for everything! To manifest your Divine qualities and Virtues every day, and the more, the better for everyone!

Learn to stay longer and longer among nature, peace and quiet, and to receive up to the maximum all energy streams, which reach the planet Earth. And to receive not only their energy part, but also the information component through your subtle bodies!

You are required to demonstrate a consistency/persistence, so that what do you do has an effect. And the more regular and consistent you are with the implementation, the bigger and stronger the effect will be on all your bodies.

Give yourselves and your descendants a chance to continue to develop in the future, rather than having to start everything from the beginning!

I impart/give you in this moment of my Constancy, to those of you who ask me for help to develop it and I Bless you to succeed, so that on my next coming to your planet to see it much lighter. To see it bathed in Light!

I AM Eliseya


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* The message of Lord Eliseya from August 24, 2011.

** This is why it is necessary that you take your obligations to the Karmic Board in such a way that you have the opportunity every day, day by day to choose the way in which to give/send your Gratitude and Love, and what you can dedicate, so that you can get help for what you have asked. This may be different every day, depending on your possibilities at the time and according to what your heart tells you.