The practice of the White Path

Lord Surya

26 March 2013

I AM Surya

Today I have came from the Great Central Sun with a feeling of joy that I can give one more Message to you, aspired towards the Light children of God, through which you will receive my support in these unique times in which you have incarnated now!

In this Message I will broaden and expand the Practice of the White Path, which I have given to you in one of my previous Messages*, so that it become even more useful to you in the near future.

I strengthen this spiritual practice with my energy here and now! And make it even more powerful!

I had told you to imagine a White Path leading straight forward and up to the Divine heights. And at the end of the Path stands up in a distance your Master in the Heavens from the Hierarchy of Light who calls you. And I told you that every morning while getting up it would be good to imagine this Path and ask your Master to help you follow this Path throughout the day without being deviated, without stopping and without turning back. And then cordially thank him for the help.

Now I will supplement that your exercise.

When you close your eyes and you see this White Path in front of you, imagine that on one side of it there is an extremely deep abyss with a wild river at the bottom, and on the other side there are high vertical cliffs hanging over it, which you cannot climb.

So you are left with one thing only – to continue to climb forward, because behind you there is full of darkness, cold and hunger! And in front of you up the road spreads bright Light, Heat and Divine food, which feeds all your bodies, as long as you go forward. The Divine Light surrounds you with the all-embracing, unconditional Love – the Love of the Father and the Heat comes from the Love that springs from the heart of your Master!

If someone calls you, whoever he is, trying to move you back into the darkness or to divert you to the side, somewhere on the other side of the abyss, even if he tells you that there is a bridge and you can always go back over it on your Path, you should know that the foundation of this bridge has eroded by time and it can collapse into the abyss at any moment even though it may seem strong. And if you have passed it to the other side, supposedly for a short time, it may be that you will remain there! Therefore, keep on going your Path firmly stepping on it and moving only forward and upward. Because this is the only salvation for you right now.

Every time someone wants something from you and your heart hurts instead of being in the joy, sensing the trap of the illusion, close your eyes and imagine the picture that I have described to you. Invoke your Master and your Higher I AM Presence to help you make the right from the Divine standpoint decision at this time. And you will get the help so that you continue successfully forward.

When you feel sadness in your heart or when you hesitate, even for a moment, as to whether is it right to do the thing you are encouraged to do, that is a signal to increase your attention! Whenever you feel pain or tightness or heaviness in the chest, or pain in the solar plexus, or anywhere in your bodies, or when you feel some discomfort while you are in a situation, this is a sign for you to be extra cautious, to take swift and urgent measures to stop this situation or get out of it. And to continue on your Path.

Then as you follow, imagine that the high vertical cliff on one side of the Path ends and opens a plain covered with green grass, tempting to happily jog barefoot on it, and then lie down to rest. But this already is more subtle trap of the illusion, created for those who progress along the Path. Because, even though it is plane with fresh grass, just a few steps away, beneath this grass hides a deep swamp, which can easily suck you and swallow completely.

So, what is your choice, beloved? Decide for yourself what will happen to you if you go to the left or to the right, or return. So it is with your choices in life. There are many diverse options on how to get off the Path. You see that you have several choices and only one of them leads directly to the destination, to your salvation and continuation of your development. All others are dangerous and destructive for your souls, in one degree or another, but the end result is always the same.

That is why you should be vigilant and every time it is upon you to make a decision, think about this vision and invite, sincerely wish and ask for help your Higher I AM Presence, your Master, all the Forces of Light, as well as me.

I am also willing to help you if you call upon me to help, so that you will be given Divine guidance to make the right choice – the only one that ensures the continuation of your move forward and upward.

This is the next key, tool or lifeline, call it what you want, which is given to you, so you save yourselves and continue your evolution in the future. Namely – the possibility that you will be given help when you ask for it, so that you manage to always make the right from Divine perspective choices in your life and thus to stay on your Path and successfully continue on it.

Along this Path you can go as a couple or a few together, to support, help and encourage each other to continue. Then the Path will be easier for you. If one of you slips, there will be someone who will immediately hold him and help. If one of you gets tired, someone nearby will offer him to lean on his shoulder until he recovers while continuing to walk, instead of stopping to rest and this way to linger over time.

Because in your transition times, one time is very quickly replaced by the next time and you should always move forward and keep up with the new time that has come and make sure that your move take place without slowing down, otherwise you may remain in the old time!

Therefore, this is my second also very important recommendation to you – to find your companions and friends along the Path and continue going forward together, where your Masters from the Hierarchy of Light call on you and where is your Heavenly Father, who awaits you at Home.

And if any of you, while being alone, invite, sincerely wish and ask for help from Above to be given to someone from the group or to the entire group and invoke on help the Masters of all of you, they will join and provide their assistance and this help would be multiplied, instead of receiving help only from your Master on the Path if the person walks alone and ask him for help at the moment. And if each from the travelling team do the same, while being alone, then multiplication of the help that is given from Above is many times more – by completely different order of magnitude.

I repeated things that have been said before, but they are very important and I also added some more to the old that you already know and I expanded it to re-focus your attention on it, to refresh your memory and to expand and strengthen the old, so that your aspiration and desire to continue to move forward is enhanced by using this helpful tool that is now being given to you.

When you are using the Practice of the White Path you also connect with me, because I am the one who gave it to you and who upgraded it now.

Therefore, when you call for help, in addition to assistance from your Master you will also receive it from me, regardless of whether it is for yourself or for someone of your fellows, or for your whole group. Thus, the aid will be multiplied one more time.

As you can see we are doing everything possible, so that you managed to survive, while you continue to grow and move from one stage in your development to the next. And I sincerely hope that this will actually happen.

I AM Surya, with all my Love to all of you who walks on the White Path.


* The Message of Lord Surya on 9 April 2011
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