Guidance on the reading of our Messages

Buddha Vairochana

27 March 2013
Updated and supplemented by Buddha Vairochana on 27 August 2020

I AM Vairochana.

I have come to help because many of you wanted my help and asked me to give it. I mean the Bright souls who worship Me despite the religion or culture they belong to.

Their invitations and calls for help give me the opportunity to help everywhere, in every possible way, including by giving this Message now to the people of the western world because it is mainly them who have been reading our Messages so far.

By helping you, who read these Messages, I help all the other Living Souls. Because while you read, the words of the Messages come into your consciousness, and when you think over what you have read and thank Me for it, all these thoughts go into the collective unconscious of the whole humanity, i.e. your thoughts go to the common energy information field of the humanity and become available and are of benefit to all Bright Souls in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning when they are at the level at which the content of the Message is received by you and then embedded/implanted into the collective unconscious.

We allow these messages to be read by a broad group of people who are on different energy and vibration levels, just because these people, from their level, put in their thoughts about what they read and what they understood and what has come to them into the collective unconscious of the humankind. And then all people who are at the respective level can come to our Teaching on the subtle plane. And this is a great help that could be received actually and simultaneously by all Living, Bright and Pure Souls.

That is why reading our Messages can become an important part of your Service to the Living Life when it is done the right way. Proceed to the reading of the Messages that we give you with a feeling of Respect and Gratitude. And when you are reading a Message, show that respect and reverence for the Higher Being of Light that has given it by sending your Gratitude and Divine Love towards Him / Her before you begin to read, during the reading, and when you finish reading the Message. Then, it is good to close your eyes and for a few minutes in silence to thank and give your Divine Love to that Higher Being of Light for the Message that they have given and you have just read.

During this time, while you are thanking and giving your Divine Love, both the energy and information components of the Message are distributed in your 4 lower bodies. And it depends on you to what extent this will be completed and whether it will happen in the best way from the Lord’s point of view.

The stronger your feeling of Gratitude and Divine Love to the Higher Being of Light that gave the Message and also to the Father One on whose Great Mercy we come and give our Messages, the more energy you receive and the more of the information component of the Message enters your field, including the one that is inserted into the body of the Message between the lines of the text you are reading. Therefore, the effect of the Messages is different for everyone – depending on how you do it yourself.

It is also very important that you read the Message when you are calm and peaceful, in silence, without anyone or anything bothering you. Then you come into direct communication with the God within you and with the Higher Being of Light who gave the message. It is also very important that you read only one Message at a time because each of them is given and received from a different energy and vibrational level and at different times, and various cosmic energy streams have been woven in it, even if they were given by the same Master!

We have already spoken to you on this issue, but few are those who follow exactly, with all the details, what we have told you. For this reason, I have decided that it would be very well to repeat the most important and explain to you a little more, even about the process that takes place in your bodies while reading the Message and after that.

Therefore, I repeat once again that it is essential to allocate sufficient time in calmness both before reading to tune into it qualitatively and after reading the Message.

And while you thank the Higher Being of Light that has come by a special Divine Grace to give this Message to all of you who are conducting the Divine Light in this world, weaving into it Their energy and achievements and giving them to you, apart from thanking, it would be good to start thinking about the essence of what you have just read. And when you read, do so with all your attention and in full concentration, without being distracted by any side thoughts and feelings.

When you think about the content of the Message you have read, note whether you have a question arising about what you have just read. And ask the Higher Being of Light that gave the Message to answer this question. And if the answer fails to reach your external consciousness, be prepared to write down your question immediately, and then at the first opportunity to ask this question on the UNIFICATION website. That is why and mainly for that, you have been given the opportunity to ask questions on the UNIFICATION website – to help for your own spiritual growth. Your questions could ask for further explanation of something if you need that, but also to request more information if you wish to learn something more.

This is a gift for you, Divine Grace bestowed from Above upon you – through the Messages that We give you and the questions you ask to extend and expand the Teaching that you are receiving from Us at the moment. And your actions and lack of actions determine the degree of upgrading the Teaching, as well as how well you will manage to benefit from its goodfruitful effect.

When you ask such questions, you give Us the opportunity to help you even more. Each question related to a specific Message will be answered by the same Higher Being of Light because after you read His/Her Message, you will direct your question to Him/Her first.

So my second recommendation to you is that apart from Respect and Gratitude, you should read with all your attention, vigilance and concentration! Thus, the Messages that We are giving to you could become not only a lifeline for your survival, but also a very powerful tool to help your spiritual growth!

And the third, also very important recommendation is: after you have read the Message and thought about what you have just read, and when you have written down your questions, if you have any, regarding what you would like to learn more on the topic of the Message, be extremely careful during the following hours, and even throughout the day, so that you preserve the Divine energy additionally received in your aura that you obtained both during the reading of the Message and immediately after the end of the reading while sending Above your gratitude and Divine Love. Preserve the Divine energy as a most tender and fragile valuable fruit that you have picked from the Tree of Divine Wisdom!*

Then this work of yours in spirituality will be done qualitatively and completely. And I would be glad if you manage to pick all the good fruit of this Great Mercy of the Father that is given to you now for the time allotted for it!



Addition to the Message

27 August 2020

I AM Vairochana Buddha

I have come to update this Message of Mine in accordance with the needs of the moment, and I would like to add that everything I told you about the reading of the Messages received from Us – the Higher Beings of Light, through the UNIFICATION website also refers to the Guidance that We give you and the Thought of the day that We give you, and especially to everything that the Father One of our Universe gives you through His Presence in the form of Answers to your questions, Guidance, sometimes Thought of the day and all the rest given by Him


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* Note by Rositsa Avela from 2 June 2015:

In relation to the third recommendation of Buddha Vairochana, and also because of the ever-growing need to receive help from the Forces of Light to manage to keep and use correctly the additional Divine energy we receive during our services, I asked Him to give His Divine Guidance and help from Above and had the following question for Him:

What is necessary and the best from the Lord’s point of view to do so that we succeed to keep the Divine energy we receive when reading the Messages, the Guidance, the Thought of the day, the Questions and answers, and also while doing any kind of spiritual practice during our work in spirituality without being subjected to temptations and dangerous situations by the representatives of the networks of the illusion? Because one of their aims – of the representatives of any networks of the illusion, is that we wrongfully put the additional Divine energy into the illusion or that it be taken from us illegally.

The answer that Buddha Vairochana gave was that after the end of any work in spirituality and before we move on to our routine activities, we could say:

Lord, I ............ (the first name) invite, sincerely wish and ask You
all the additional Divine and Lord’s energy
attracted into my lower bodies,
during my Service, which has just finished,
to be directed back to the Higher octaves of Light
to my Higher Self* so that my treasure on Heaven increases
and helps me whenever I need help
during my progress ahead and upwards along the Path to You, Lord!
May it be used to help the Living Life
and may it be used to help me from Above to spend it wisely
without wasting it and without putting it wrongfully in the world of the illusion.
I give it all completely to You, dear Father One,
to arrange the use of this Divine and Lord’s energy
as You decide!
May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You, Lord, for the Mercy and the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I Love You with all my heart and Soul, with all my Divine Love, dear Father One!

In case of an urgent need to interrupt your Service / Spiritual practice, the prayer could be said in the following short variant:

Lord, help me
so that the energy from my service so far
is directed to my Higher Self right now!
And I leave to You, Lord, to deal with it as You decide!
May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!


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* Higher self – this is where the good karma is kept.