Let the fire of Divine Love ardently flare up in each of you, so then you share it with the whole world!

Beloved Sarathustra

28 March 2013

I AM Sarathustra

My Message today will start shortly after you attune better, so that you receive it in the best way possible! Until then I will remain silent and I advise you to close your eyes and to address with Gratitude and Love towards God within you, towards your Higher I AM Presence, and it will help you to achieve the right Divine attunement.




And now I begin my Message.

First I want to tell you that at the moment I am sending you all the Love of my heart, which is bursting and spurting towards you by mighty waves!

Take my Love, beloved, to fill your temples and to help you the fire of Divine Love to ardently flare up in each of you. And when you feel that your vessel is overflowing of so much love begin to give it to the whole world.

My Love beats towards you and you can give it to Mother Earth and all Living Beings.

Are you feeling the strength and power of Love?

Beloved, you can always get this feeling when you attune and invoke my electronic presence in your temple, after you have previously devoted your Gratitude to your Higher I AM Presence for the help. You may also experience this feeling when you invoke which ever ascended Being of Light in your temple.

When you feel the Divine Love, say an invocation to God for directing it in the service of the Common Good. And then after the capacity of your temple, your vessel is full and the Love keeps on coming like a mighty Divine stream you should indeed direct it in the service of the Common Good.

While this process is running, give thanks to your Heavenly Father for this Grace that is given to you!

For though all have wished at one time or another to serve God in this way, everyone has succeeded to varying degrees. Most were able to a very small extent or without result at all, and only a few of you have been able completely. This is because the heart chakra of each one of you is open to a different extent because of its blockage due to accumulated negative karma of your wrong choices and actions on the ray of Divine Love.

I have come now to intercede for each of you, who want to be in this Service/Ministry of God. I have come to help you to conduct/carry the energy of Divine Love through your heart chakra when you want to do this, to be in the Service of the Common Good and donate it to help the planet and the Living Life on it.

So do it, beloved! And one more thing – you need to do it as often as possible, it would be best every day. Since my help to you will be gradual, so that you feel good in all your bodies. So day after day, until the coming of the Day when you will feel that Love powerfully streams and flows into you, and you will feel that you can give it away with ease.

For each a different time period will be necessary, depending on your resistance, aspiration and inner state, as well as how often and how you direct your Gratitude towards your Higher I AM Presence, towards Your Heavenly Father and to me for the help that is given to you at this moment

But I hasten to warn you that before you begin your trials you need to be necessary outside amongst nature, alone, in silence, peace and tranquillity, which are both around and within you. You will best achieve the required attunement by closing your eyes and listened for a while the sounds of nature around you.

The second important point to which I am drawing your attention is to spend some time in silence and calm after you finish the prescribed practice - as much as you want, as long as you feel with your heart that it is enough for the powerful flame within you to calm down.

Then slowly open your eyes and you will notice how bright/vivid are the colours of the world around you and how everything sparkles, shines and smells!

Feel the Joy of the Living Life that surrounds you everywhere!

Feel also our Joy – mine and that of your Higher Self. You will feel our Gratitude for your willingness to help the world to have its Welfare/Wellbeing!

There is just another way, through which you can give your help for the Common Good.

Until now you have been told so many times in the Messages that your actions are needed/necessary, you were told: 'Act, work'. At this point I have given you yet another way how to do it when your heart wants it.

The most important thing is not how many times you will do it, but what will be the quality you can get! You can feel this in your own inner feelings, because if it is well done you will then be in the Joy! The Pure, Divine Joy will fill all of your bodies and your soul will rejoice, and your heart will flutter as a light-winged bird. At this point you would like to laugh, to sing and even tears of joy will flow from your eyes.

I AM blessing you to succeed exactly that way every time!

And Thank you for your help towards the all Divine Creation!

I AM Sarathustra