Gift Given Divine Opportunity

Presence of the One

24 September 2013

I AM Presence of the One

I have come in this day to give my Message to the humankind on Earth. I have come to all of you, children of the Earth, and I AM pouring/wrapping your with My Love – right now, at very this moment, with the maximal amount of My energy that My Messenger can receive and transfer/transmit into your world. She has been prepared to do so over many incarnations and is able to receive and transfer into your world quite a lot of energy of the higher etheric octaves, including some of Mine.

At this moment I AM giving you this Gift of mine for all of you and for the whole planet and the Living Life on it. This energy – a fraction of the energy of My Presence, you are so going to need it in the future! Keep it and preserve it extremely carefully, and try to multiply it. The Divine multiplication happens when you are in Service/Ministry of the Common Good.

For My Gift to be at maximal benefit to you, this will happen when you enhance your work in spirituality – especially more from now until the end of this year, as well as in the coming days. Your planet needs it. All Living beings, the Living Life on the planet needs your help.

And I AM recommending you, to those of you who want, always when it is possible, as often as possible to (go out)/stay in nature, and read the Meditation on the Earth, radiating at the same time Gratitude and Love to the planet, as well as to the all Living beings that inhabit it, and to all the Beings of Light from the higher etheric octaves, which help you.

The more often you manage to do all this, and the higher the quality when you are doing it, the more fully you will be able to benefit from My Gift that I give to you now, and it will be helpful for you from now on.

I give you the momentum to go out more often in nature and to do intensively this work in spirituality as much as you can, concentrated, without extraneous thoughts and feelings, at maximal elevation of your consciousness!

I have also come to tell you that this will be the only Message in the autumn cycle of this year. But believe me beloved children of Light, the energy that you will get through/(out of) it, which you are already receiving, and which you will receive every time you read it again with Gratitude and Love to Me, is so much more than if you read a whole book with Messages!

I AM putting this charge in the body of the Message here and now!

You will have access to it when helping in survival of the planet on which you were born in this incarnation of yours, and try to ensure that the Earth and the Living Live on it are well from now on! The time has come to work hard on that.

Thank you from now – all of you, who have dedicated hearts, who will try to implement in full My Words. Then all the Beings of Light will take care of you in the most wonderful way for you. And you will be given Divine Guidance in the way you can get it and understand what is shown to you.

Your work in spirituality now and your help, and the purity of your desire to help determine what should happens in the future, and to which variant of the possible future variants I will give a green light to start, when the time comes.

I Bless you to reside in purity. To reside/dwell in a purity of your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. To reside in a purity of all your lower bodies. And I bless you to stay in compliance with My Commandments* and My Law, which I have given you.

I AM Presence of the One



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* See the text of the Lord's Commandments in 'Spiritual work'.